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  1. Oh we're aware ... remember what you said about my comment? <Insert here>
  2. Hi - larry - us (Faction Medals much?) All I have to say about that.
  3. Dismantle it and use it to upgrade a legendary or sell the essence for 250k gold. It will sell.
  4. #feelsbad ... nah not really.
  5. Let the whining commence!
  6. He answered your question.
  7. have you seen the weekly email you get in-game the day before or maybe the post RedPanda made yesterday afternoon? Unless you are talking about Patch Notes? That's a whole diff. discussion. LOL
  8. Did he activate his path? Figure he used a potential potion and forgot to reactivate.
  9. What's your achievement level? JW
  10. Can send whenever and he will receive them when he gets online.
  11. My wife says the same thing Panda.
  12. Pretty sure you get spell crit +1.5% If dps gets 1.5% crit
  13. yep
  14. You get 1 for 20, 2 for 30 and I believe 4 for 40
  15. The game takes a percentage. Call it a consignment charge.
  16. Just download the app on your ipad and sign in with your gamecenter account. Wala!
  17. Um you can't craft legendary from lvl 40 bps.
  18. I do it all the time. Works great. Make sure you type it exactly like they have it. For example: bullzeye =/= BullzEye Hope this helps. BullzEye
  19. A button also pops up that makes you go faster if you are paying attention and not just auto-mining.
  20. Me W4nts dat L33t C0de Nao!!! BullzEye #2291
  21. Does anyone know what the Rune Stones are for? My guess is you can get essence from them but I am not sure. Bloodline Stone http://col-head.com/items/804/ Type:Rune Stone Use:Rune upgrade material The mysterious Bloodline Stone, with its deep red glow, can improve certain skills. or Arcane Stone http://col-head.com/items/803/ Type:Rune Stone Use:Rune upgrade material The mysterious mystical stone that glows yellow and can enhance certain skills. or Void Stone http://col-head.com/items/805/ Type:Rune Stone Use:Rune upgrade material The mysterious Void Stone with its blue glow can enhance certain skills.
  22. FYI Server note now says Down for Maintenance. LOL
  23. Not saying it was planned maintenance btw. Just saying it may have been an emergencey one.