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  1. Which doesn't actually work ... Wild Soul divine that is. Many of the PVP L-sets promise things they don't actually do.
  2. Yes it's the P2W farm.
  3. Nite I asked in their discord channel. According to @RedPanda Fertile Gorge was always supposed to be EST although its ALWAYS been CST since I have played. It SUCKS too! Oh well.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. It's pretty obvious given path bonuses.
  5. Wish I could on my paladin. He gets to max and it stops counting. Lucky you I guess.
  6. If you are wanting to pull off 15k+ dps as a tamer ... get out the CC. That's the only way to get there other than lots and lots of time invested. I am a tamer ... lvl 45 path 59 11k dps (on leader stake) with 16.8k hp 1440 sp def. 2/2 ghast, 3/3 armi, either 2/3 malum or 2/2 noct depending on situation, and 3/4 divine. I have a few legends gotten from crafting. Other than that I spent a small amount on the game ($23 itunes card my son gave me for b'day, ty son) and other than that haven't spent a dime. Only way I see to do better is better RNG or lots and lots of money.
  7. If you do not do your faction rep quest every day, the rep stacks. Therefore if you can get 5,000 rep points a day and skip a week, you would be able to farm 35,000 points in one session.
  8. How about play it on a phone or tablet? LOL because that solution you have works for a hot minute. CRASH!
  9. I heard Mark Zuckerberg was upset he didn't get any compensation. Wow!
  10. Just wondering if said ranger was on Fertile Gorge. If yes, probably because said ranger dropped $30k + on the game. Hell if it was him more power to him. Keeps my F2P butt able to play for free!
  11. Maybe you don't see the irony in your own statement.
  12. uh no ... just no Not all servers are on equal footing anyway.
  13. OMG thank you so much! I thought I was the only person that played CoL that had good reading comprehension. At least that posts on these forums. LOL! I'm amazed how demanding the non-chinese players are about wanting new content after 2 months. They haven't figured out that INSPECT was the major cause of the gem bug and hence the over-compensation issue that plagues this game now. INSPECT was "demanded" by these players then they're pissed when a major bug is caused by it. NOW they want more content and more classes. How many more disasters do these people want!?!?!