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  1. Hello... I just swapped my d1 manaflame to d1 covenant. Now I have 2 sets of d1 covenant but missing my manaflame. Same happened when I swapped my d3 arcane to d5 beacon, got 2 d3 arcane and I lost my precious d5 beacon. Thanks...
  2. I'm told by my guildmates that it's alreade fixed.
  3. Who was the guy using the speed hack mining?
  4. Hello... Well you might be playing this game since its release and you don't realize that you are still missing something o making a noob question. Do you know still about the diferences between f2p and p2w? I have 2 elementalist char on different servers, one of my char has 8 legendaries ( I'm sure you wanna know my story how I got them ) and is sitting on 40k cr . I can be able to have 50k cr if I'm being an assistant in a raid. If the raid is still opened I can be able to walk freely around the town to have people inspecting =). So wanna know the rest to explain you how noobs is your question's post?
  5. May I know where are forum's moderators. I just wanted to check something important and I see theses scam/fake ads.
  6. Hello, I'm a player of Laverlan Lake server, I've been experiencing disconnection these last 2 days, it realle made me crazy, I got normal heroic cleared when I was disconnected after tried almost 15 minute I logged back everytime , party was disolved and I couldn't bid item I want, now the raid are cleared. Fix this. IGN: Calestria ID 2588107 Laverlan Lake server