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  1. Update is on playstore. Working on my 3 devices!
  2. Same here. I havent been able to play since last night. Hopefully we will see a fix soon.
  3. It looks like they are just gonna push a new update to version 6.0.4. I just finished testing the new client and had no issues. Assuming the other testers didnt run into issues there should be a fix in the next few hours.
  4. Same issue. This company makes me lol
  5. Since last night my little update my game music comes back on after I relog. Everytime I start the game I have to turn it back off. This happening for anyone else? In playing on android
  6. Prolly a bug but like everything else in this game they dont even reply to let us know its a known issue.
  7. My network and battery icons that were usually down near the clock are gone. Tried swapping between map and dos meters and it still won't appear.
  8. What they need to do is revamp the reward systems. Events like trials and ptr and demon invasion aren't even worth doing. Personally I'd like to see some emblems as rewards instead of just on guild quests. 30 emblems to go from 70-71 and u get like 6 a week.
  9. Won't happen. Tinydragon and red panda gt their jobs for 1 reason only. They can speak and understand English. Red panda had no inside information and could never fix anything and the same goes for tinydragon. They just here to smile and post patch notes they in no way can help with game issues.
  10. Just saw in my guild and on the col discord some people have gotten their gems back that were lost. Some even gotten more then what they lost. 4 weeks have gone by that I lost my 2 level 30vMOL and I can't even get a straight answer yet you give other people extra ****? It's time we all start looking for another game. This is stupid.
  11. I lost 2 gems about a month ago and nothing. They keep sending the same response back. It's pretty stupid. I doubt anyone that lost anything due to their screw up is gonna get anything m back they lost. Netease could give two ****s about us they are to busy partying on the yachts the p2w people bought them lol
  12. @TinyDragonwhat exactly is your job? To post patch notes and tell everyone to be patient when their stuff disappears when your crap game bugs? I've been missing 2 level 30 mol for almost a month and get no response. This company is a joke and u guys are just running this game into the ground. Every decision made by you guys is all about what can make you money. You guys don't give a sht about the players. This game is a big slot machine and we all just getting on everyday to pull that handle and pray for triple 7'a
  13. If you goto events then recommended activities it shows the current and future lucky draws and the dates they run
  14. Just a FYI red panda left netease