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  1. You'll restart servers to fix a little bug that allowed people to do double faction dailies. God forbid we get 3 extra cast irons a day, but people including myself are losing diamonds and you drag your feet. This is getting to be some joke. We aren't quite at April fools just yet.
  2. If you were like me and didn't make it through all your Alts mail yesterday to open your free leg well now the ingame Mail is gone. This company lol
  3. I rarely complain about anything, but these bugs are getting rediculus. Especially over the past week. I had a leg disappear today along with a box from daily loot. While I appreciate the new content and level cap and the upcoming patch I don't think anyone would complain if you guys stopped pushing new content for a few months and fixed what you have already.
  4. Can someone explain the ghast mechanics better? The video guides are pretty vague on if you should pass the green ghast and what to do with the colored ghast aside from move outta group and blow up lol.