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  1. there is a guy who have a speed hack, he using it at battlefield, the modafoka run as sh@t omg is so anoying. (he was on my team) but that is not fair play many of my friends reported himand the fking devs dont do anything :v u really want that people spend money with the game fill of bugs and hackers?
  2. this is trash, devs never answer, no details of the packs, i recommend don spend money, a friend oppened a goblin crate and got "nothing" he show us in video, i really wanna know what are the chances to get the stuff, or at least know what are inside of the crates and the bags, but again, devs or moderator never answer not even on facebook.
  3. to sad, i know about the game recently, btw is awesome, and I have a questions about the reedem gift codes, there will be more of this gifts? in special or random times, I hope yes :3