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  1. Good morning Netease-na Team, I would like to have a request regarding of my account. To be honest I'm playing for 4 days maybe in ROS. I always play in net cafe's, but when I play ROS it has wallhack in it. Maybe one of the people in that pc I was using was using it. I'm completely innocent here. I am new and I want to play more. I know in myself that I didn't hack. Even my friends ROS was banned when I logged it in this pc. Please, my account was "SARGEANTx" and my friend is "BOYTILAP". I was hoping to play because mine got banned and my friends account name is "BOYTILAP" . My friend got angry in me because I made his account banned but it wasn't on purpose, I just wanna play and borrow his account and I have his approval. Hoping you'll consider this. I am very very deeply sorry. Still I know in myself that I'm not the one who put that hack or whatever. I just wanna play fair and have more fun with other players. More power in your game. I am thankful that your strict in your game in Rules Of Survival. Again I am so sorry please unban my account or just my friend because I don't want my friend to be angry in me. Thank you. More power!