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  1. Is there a list of locations for windtalkers to find ruler guild hunts already?
  2. They just need a guild only party system, where only guild mates can apply
  3. Can one person be registered on multiple teams?
  4. One example of blue boss attacks instead of red.
  5. Makes my blue title look orange and orange titles look blue as well. Ran Ash fort and the new colors did not help at all with Liador as well,
  6. I play on android, and yes update have changed red enemy circles or powers into blue. What used to be red is now blue after i updated from play store. Enemies in pvp have blue names now instead of red. Not sure why they would change this either, kinda odd. When in group now my party member names are all a puke color as well now. It did get rid of those odd glitch graphics the game has been showing for too long now tho, like when you heal people or on npcs in quests.
  7. Can I compete on any server?You can compete on any available server EXCEPT Surgewind Wilds (our soft launch server). Accounts and characters on the Surgewind Wilds server are not eligible to participate in the Competition. Does this mean anyone that ever played on surgwind is not eligable since they have an account there? So if I moved to another server from Surgewind I am not eligible?