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  1. There are things u should NOT have changed, (taking our two free lucky tickets),and things u NEED to do to keep this game alive! Which im assuming your very concerned with doing! Players comment so Netease can decide what they can do. I love this game and want it to stay ALIVE!
  2. Got a baby tank im slowly working on. Want to do it right. Whats best active skill setup and rune investments? Thank you!!
  3. Ty Celtic!!
  4. Nestle14 where do i find the chest? In trade?
  5. Ty guys!!
  6. Im wondering what happened to the raptor mount. On the AU server before global launch it would occasionally pop up with goblin offers. Now on new servers i never see it. Im getting conflicting answers from support: 'Will let dev team know, maybe with next maintenance, watch game mail and forums'. What is going on?? I held off getting it until i could play on my local server, and its GONE.
  7. I am really wanting to know when raptor mount will be available. It was on the AU server before global release with Goblin pop up deals. Biting my nails! Please bring to global. PS: on Fertile Gorge server, North America.
  8. How do i earn Shadow Crystals, the Faction Currency....!?