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  1. Totally agree, maybe ask the community before doing these changes. Hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise gvg are screwed.
  2. Hi, how about for not eligible winners to: 1) put that money in a netease account to use in future netease games 2) give a proportional in game package gift of 10k$ in this way everyone can really compete for something!!! thank you
  3. Hi guys, why Italian people are not eligible???
  4. What about suppression and light sigil? Where to use in rotation? Thank you
  5. However even if I'm quite sure that netease mapped the current aus traffic and according to that decided to create these new servers, I suggest to wait before launch the second wave of servers (during the android release) watching during the first week the population of the ones created on the 13th... just my opinion... great game guys!!! Hype is raising!!
  6. All servers are cross platform... you can play in every server with both iOS and android... if you bind your account with Facebook you can even play with the same account on both platforms!! EU - Blazing plains