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  1. Time to delete this game. Let’s give people 25 mountain of lights as compensation what a joke.
  2. Some people got over 100 diamonds ‘refunded’ what the hell are they doing at Netease? Even people that lost nothing are getting diamonds while I lost diamonds & shards all I got is a blue level 40 gem? Are they trolling? You had one job NetEase.. Byebye to your players 👍🏻
  3. Guess we can say you guys ****ed up badly 👍🏻
  4. Not a single topic on the forums of this yet.. I can play again now but is there any explanation? I missed out on bloody battle because of this, how will this get compensated?
  5. Anyone else that just did the smaller update and since then can’t log on any server except the server ‘Review_US’? Tried restarting multiple times and even restarted phone but nothing seems to work..