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  1. it now works thank you very much @TinyDragon
  2. i know i might be late on this but this one caught my eye . and I'm sure sharing stuff between toons on the same account would not be a possibility as everyone would just create "alts" and just swap stuff over example 1 guy 100 alts - 100 alts -10mil silver per toon - 10 mil X100 to main toon = broken game feel me so what if we could. add a feature that would allow guild mates to trade stuff with each other example tom has silver and Mary wants silver tom gives Mary silver Mary gives tom gold . and this could then be developed on and made available to other items i'm not a dev or anything but i am sure this is possible and can be implemented . also i believe everyone would agree that the Auction house needs a bit more refining example seller names ... or maybe not as that would probably end like this Tim has 10 alts on each alt he gets a ranger bp Tim's main is a ranger btw he then puts them up for sale at let's say 10gold does this over and over again until he has a 100 bps Tim does a mass craft and get's some legs Tim becomes op people start complaining in the forums game = Broken i know this is like super long but can i get some feedback guys!
  3. u need [Elemental Gear] things that almost look like starlight compasses , u can get these buy buying packs with crystals or getting really lucky with prestigious gifts anyways 3 of this can buy a chimera pack
  4. bro it's called pat to win stop complaining the new lucky draw and the boxes make it easier to obtain legends - that u can either equip or sell
  5. @TinyDragon i know ur fairly new here and stuff and i would hate for u to take the heat for this as panda did when he was around so plz keep a good rep with us and tell them to get this fixed will you thanks very much
  6. like wtf bro i just got booted from the game and then i get this shxt as an error
  7. i already like u bye bye jeff
  8. ur only legible if ur character was made after the event u clearly state here that u made it to lvl 55 before the even so that's ur bad my friend
  9. don't wanna point any fingers here but u guys coulda notified us before booting us geese just lemmi get my light o dawns thank u
  10. @RedPanda how do u guys keep track of character rating for the event? for example if a new character was made and was able to break 40k cr but reset all runes and took armor of until the end of even would that character still be considered as someone who made it pass all the major milestones ? or do u guys just check the cr of a character before updating the rankings? these are questions i seek answers to would be nice to get some incite before tomorrow . thank you
  11. like bro the class hasn't even dropped as yes.... but still we know they gon be pallies all over again but no one will throw way their 80k cr main to grind a new class let's be real
  12. i lost my damn gold that i tried to save so long to buy a damn leg bracelet and they went ahead and gave me 100 crystals and my alt that lost nothing silver and gems wtf oh well not like they even care so why bother
  13. stop hating on my class netease u show pallies show much love and yet still we on the cover of the damn game hehe i guess that will change soon too
  14. so after recent col updates i realized that after doing all dallies plus the now limited to 2 map events, it is a bit more challenging to get a little of 7 mil silver max per day gold is not that bad as it can be obtained by raiding and selling items such as "food buffs" now really popular but as to crafting people rarely buy bps as they are now super expensive and limited. this my not bother much players as they can just drop big bucks on the game but i rep the people who are "FREE TO PLAY" based . this may or may not get any supportive views but ...i said it ...the game is semi-broken and yet even as i am typing this tread we're having a maintenance break like what are you patching!!!! netease ?
  15. i also agree that with the release of pallys warriors are becoming a extinct race. as a warrior myself i realize that most raids drop gear for pallys and being a tank i also realize that pallys have way higher self heals and ...omg let's not talk pvp stun, jump ,silence and ur basically done because it happens over and over let's face it the class is op ..... oh well no complains here . #warriorforlife