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  1. Any Android users stuck at checking update...
  2. D7

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  4. D7

  5. Lowest HPs gets healed if I remember correctly... and yes you get the buff as long as you are the random member to get it. 5 man you get it 100%
  6. FG will out burst you and then Scout will catch up.. the FG will proc and then Scout will catch him again. There is no contest with Boss HPs less than 20% and I think Scout is better for multi mobs. I also do not run Scout L set I have the Tamer L set in scout because of the benefit when there is a NEED for raid dps... Here's the truth, the DPS is very close if skill and gear are the same. The only difference is FG will beat your fingers to death! If the turned auto attack on for the full fight and you never had to click it again Id be FG... but I can't stand clicking that many times.
  7. D7

    There is absolutely no use in clearing this content first for useless equipment... thanks @Ocho @TinyDragon we REALLY appreciate how well you don’t support your customers. As of 3 minutes ago I am officially retired. Goodbye
  8. D7

  9. Yea lol all my others illuminate to it and itstoo freakin expensive to reroll that... which ive done 5 times with no luck
  10. Has anyone discussed the bottleneck that has been created with the currency changes? All other star circles you are guaranteed the ability to buy at least 2 circles a week. The Roar currently is limited to about 1 every other week... Anyone else see this as an issue?
  11. Generically its after 368... I have had 1 piece that went down 1 hp when I went to 368. At 368 the possible stats are listed most of them red for an A quality upgrade piece. Meaning stats will lower if you use it. If you have pure SS equipment it will likely take an SS piece to better it.
  12. Not going away... only way it went away last year is the timezone changed back lmao
  13. Lol ironically you received the same level of customer service and the rest of us who can open it!
  14. D7

    Typical answer oh we know nothing... billion dollar company with serious communication issues. supposed to be like this?? So we just throw our legendaries away? Doubt that
  15. Wrong necklace Fire