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  1. Hello, everyone. This appears to be a Steam issue, not a Crusaders of Light one. We have no control over their service but hopefully it will be resolved soon! -EMpulse
  2. Hey Crusaders! We're happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Community Team - TinyDragon! She is super cool for a variety of reasons. Not only is she bi-lingual in English/Mandarin...but she's a big Crusaders of Light fan. Ask her about her Paladin. You'll be seeing TinyDragon jumping around on all of our communication channels soon engaging and getting to know you, but be patient -- she's brand spanking new and still getting up to speed on well...pretty much everything. So give her a little time and then she'll be right up in the fray before you know it! Welcome TinyDragon. We're so happy to have you! -EMpulse
  3. Thanks for your patience, everyone. The servers are now up and the Surge of Elements update has been released. -EMpulse
  4. This downtime maintenance is for the new Surge of Elements content. The game releasing on Steam is not related to this update. We'll let you know separately when the game is available on Steam. -EMpulse
  5. Hi everyone. The server downtime that began at 2AM GMT and was expected to last for approximately 6 hours has been extended for approximately two more hours. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to bringing you the new Surge of Elements update as soon as possible! -EMpulse
  6. Yes you are. Thanks for the question. We are going to add it to the FAQ. -EMpulse