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  1. my tiny alt got one lvl40 mol and one lvl30 heart of sea and my main got leaves and mount fragments Q_Q
  2. worst part is there is NO Hero there who can make a video how to do it and share it everywhere
  3. then it will be better if everybody knw how to do it so complains will stop. so share how to do it to everyone
  4. i mentioned it coz its truth. i meant that for others who r saying its fake
  5. just stop messing around! the truth is cloning exist. stay with it. unless u using clones too
  6. tell all how to do it! when every players will do it, devs will start to give attention! there is no ban or penalty in this game! let everybody cheat or many will quit.
  7. how to do it? come on
  8. too many proofs already. what more devs wants! they should take away all gems and silver from those who cloning
  9. stop showing around already and share to all how to do it!
  10. They r blind or they only just care about making new raids and stuffs, but don't like to waste time fixing things! well one thing they doing good, making players leave. now people can get back to real life
  11. Don't ask for more. there r many probs like skill bug, lags.etc already. if u don't like ranger, move to another class, its not so hard to get decent gs anymore coz of lucky tickets and stuffs.
  12. or just pvp becomes like an night-time event. so all players can start match at same time. its 24hours open so people does it anytime they want, makes it harder to find match