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  1. most of people like us don't even knw how to do double mystica well some likes us dont care too coz we already have leges :v but core and mad lab r op raids. so people want devs to fix those.
  2. Hope they ban some people or take away achiv, gears or the diamonds. some people r not even afraid to cheat and keep saying big words to others who reporting the bug so all will be ok again! some bans will help the game. they think, they found a bug and using it to cheat always is heroic stuff
  3. calm down dude. he meant in simplest way that if there is a bug in game, and u find out the way to use it, still its not good to us to it ruins game's play-style. other players finds it unfair! old-players feels bad coz they worked hard to built their class and now some noobs using it to ruin the game and earn easy gold and stuffs! you shouldn't argue and defend the cheaters. easy game is not a good game at all. team raids r challenging for fun.
  4. pala lege gears r cheapest now
  5. also it will be good for all other dps classes if mystic mj dps will be able to do Only dps. not healing. coz of offheal, healers dont get chances and people wants mystic offheal in their teams most.
  6. No new server. ask for class swap and some bug spry
  7. people r picky. And people's first pick is mystic coz its can heal and can do dps also. if mystic dps lose their power of heal and can do dps ONLY then all other dps classes will get chances.
  8. Haha well she is one innocent looking gorgeous women
  9. They needs to create an normal acct and play their own game with normal players from the world. then i guess they will realize there r some annoying bugs needs to be fixed.
  10. same. i never get secret currency chest in daily loot. wait i got it once 1 month ago, then never lol
  11. this is how they ruins a great game lol
  12. and sometimes people changes names so they can leave their old guild so they can join high guild. coz old guild players will mail ya "why" and u wont be able to answer coz they were ur friends for long and you will feel bad when trying to answer so
  13. Good points. They need 1 week maintenance to fix all bugs, i guess or more
  14. or make it like guild battle event, like server time 20:00 to 21:00. so a lot of people will do it at same time. it will be easy to get matches.