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  1. What does it depend on the healer to make good cures ??? of your attack? of your developed and high skills ??? of your Rune Upgrade ??? etc. Knowing that I already got those sets they said. That depends on that only heals 2k per sec, and other 4k per sec, etc, if we both have the same things at the same level ???
  2. They nerfearon more to the Paladin, so ........
  3. The pach notes????
  4. This set only works if you have a high criticism; For example, if you had it at 50% to the critic, you would hit 1 out of 2 hits the maximum of your attack. But if you have low critical, do not bother to get it. To finish, my friends who got it, if the dps raised something when they put it on, this bug is not.
  5. @Almuranazz It was a good idea, but it does not work unfortunately, I did everything, but STEAM, still does not work with my account. Thanks also.
  6. And how can you link from GAMEROOM ??? Never play from the phone, and no idea how to play my old characters in STEAM. Help please, you only taught how to link from the cell phone, not from the PC using GAMEROOM, there I only play it by setting my Facebook.
  7. @RedPanda What a coincidence that will be when the dwarf comes out; it's as if you said, the new broken will be the dwarf, we leave your garbage paladin, so that they spend in the new broken class.
  8. They are already bored with this topic, hopefully they will listen to them, so they stop screwing and crying
  9. Neither the warrior nor the paladin can jump in afk, to farmear things. Before the paladin jumped in automatic with an ability, but it was NERFEADO, in case you did not know it, "Durance of Truth"; this gives them a disadvantage in front of the rangers and mystics, who kill themselves, even a melee, runs for pleasure sometimes for a monster, but arrives late, because a rank already killed him, unjust. I wrote about this netease, they sent me to fly, so there will be no solution, unfortunately, all that remains is to accept reality.
  10. In my case it seems to have been solved, for hours it works well. If it was a server failure, it was ugly to play, you missed games, etc, it was for 2 whole days. If I'm going bad again, I'll say it right here.
  11. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 It takes you out every time, you can not play continuously.
  12. +1 in Laverlan Lake UTC-3