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  1. OMG how about if you let us decide if we will change faction or not? this is frustraiting.
  2. I just wish that everytime you Upgrade your Legendary the appearance of it will change. because it will really suck that here will be expansions and you will just look like lvl 30.
  3. Thank you Redpanda! =)
  4. Can you add Cooldown display? for better skill rotation. Just a Suggestion. Thank you! =)
  5. Agree! I only play for dalies now for the reason that i am afraid that ill be left behind. But the game is already repeatative from the point that i stop playing after dalies are done and wait again for the reset.
  6. so if both of this will break the economy. then we need to think out of the box on how to deal with this. this is pretty annoying because you can have like 200 stamina and you can have like a few stacks of it. this is really frustrating THB.
  7. I wish that if you reach lvl 40 on a life skill. There is a perk like a chance to make 2-4 cloth, cloth bale or a Thread (Depending on what you're weaving, For example you're making a Thread and you will have a chance to make 3 Threads instead of one). Just a thought since we cannot control the prices of the Goods we're selling to atleast we can make more Mats.
  8. Why do we need to buy the Gear in the Raid? How about let us get the Loot by Rolling a Dice? It's really expensive. since i is really hard to get a Gold. also I am frustrated because all the sellers of cloth and Metals is selling it in a cheaper prize? I sell cloth and it really needs time to get a Few stacks of it. then some sell it on a cheaper prize so there stuff will be bought. I mean the economy will be low if they do that.
  9. if you have played some online games like WOW mages are OP. but they are very soft, same with CoL. and btw, this game is new and there will be development and Fixes in the future so just chill everything will be fixed soon.
  10. Same here.