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  1. so are we getting the the reward or not because i already send this bug to the support but no one answer me. any compensation from this for those who already spent their crystal?
  2. i think ele is good for dps, but if u looking for extra advantadge u should pick magel since they can do semi heal.
  3. Hi All, Anyone facing same problem like me here? today i just spent about 700 pcs crystal but i dont receive any reward from it, and the tier from the reward also not even update at all. Can someone help me to check on the problem. @TinyDragon @Ocho pls help me review this problem. Regards, Minervaaa | UTC+8 Server
  4. @TinyDragon @Ocho Please help fix this problem. and tell us what is actually happen here mostly steam and gameroom user cant login into the game here.
  5. Hi @TinyDragon what happen actually can you pls explain to us. everyone here still facing the problem. hopefully this problem can be fix asap.
  6. I hope Cloudburst server fix asap also. :3
  7. thanks i hope this problem can fix as soon as possible.
  8. Not only from Reavedge Village server i think other server effected as well. I from Cloudburst UTC+8 server also facing the same problem. Hopefully @TinyDragon @Ocho able to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  9. So other server also facing the same problem i think. Btw i am from Cloudburst UTC+8 Server.
  10. Hi, Just wanna ask is there currently facing the same problem like me? I cant login into my acc and keep stuck on the main page. dear admin, please check this issue because i already try to restart my pc restart my game platform i try all platform include facebook gameroom & steam. Both platform have the same issue keep stuck on the choose character phase and sometimes stuck at the choose server phase. Please fix this as soon as possible. And last i from Cloudburst UTC+8 Server. Thank!
  11. Alright here is some knowledge that i know. First get your legendaries first or just use mystica set if u still new. And then craft legendaries slowly. Gears Sets' 1. Ghast -2pcs - a must. so OP for melee. you will notice a big dps differ. 2. Armilliaran - 3pcs. 3. Fang of Titanus 4pcs - ( for new player you prolly wont be able to get this since it can only be rerolled on Legendary( not the crafted one) Sub Plague Descent 3pcs. Until u can get Fang of Tits 4pcs. 4. Bloodthirst - 3pcs. Ideally Bloodthirst on Ring and Pedant... 5. Arcane or Torture - Either one is good. I like Arcane seem to proc a lot. and the aoe dmgd and heals is nice. note: Skip the two-mind set. itsnt worth it. Skills and Runes 1. Death Gaze - 2. Deadly Forge 3.Tempest 4.Lava Quake 5. magnum Spike - Fang's Buff ( increase crit to party) 6. Anvil drop 7. Flaming sigil 8. Warhorn 9. Fortitude 10. Normal atk (spam between skills) Runes- Max all the runes skill you use to 40's then work your way up to lvl 60, on tempest duration tempest dmgd, and normal atk %. Stats on Gears Double stats is what you want to aim for first. STR,Crit,VIT,SPirit is a Plus on the Double stats rolls. GEMs- ATK DIAMONDS with CRITS DEF/SDEF - Hit Rating HP - with Dodge Star Circle? work on what you need. If your DPs is weak . work on Agility and Swiftness. (swiftness aux give up to 2.5% each ) swiftness give 1Stats to all each upgrade as well. if your are too squishy work on Flourish. Parry helps a lot.
  12. all ppl aware about this problem actually and warrior have a good dps if u really know how to procs them properly.
  13. gg maintenance extended
  14. Welcome to the team and i hope u doing even more better. gracias!
  15. come on another 45min before server up. hopefully u can nerf a lil bit pally hahaha