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  1. Today after update i facing some error and got system pop out said the software need to update. And then i try to reinstall my col and try to install back. But the download wont start i try use wifi and my network service provider but still same still cannot download. I try to download another game but u know what not problem at all to download only col i cant download.. @Ocho @TinyDragon Please focus more on technical issues like this player will stop play if u guys cant maintain the good service especialy for those who spending thier money in game. Btw im ios user using iphone6 please help me fix this problem.
  2. Please fix the skill bug. we just need this bug gone @TinyDragon @Ocho please do take note on this problem. when doing high lvl raid or guild hunt it will ruin the game play when u spell suddenly bugged sometime cant even cast.
  3. Hello everyone, alright here i got one question especially for our dear admin @TinyDragon @Ocho can u explain us why u disable the swap function from equipment to another equipment? okay here as example if we put our d7 set on normal epic equipment then how to swap back into our legendary? and now what is the purpose for us to run the dungeon everyweek right now if all legendary set only can do by refine? what is this? this is so lame.
  4. Dude, if u hosting the game u have the power to kick those alt. how many alt they wanna do is up to the player. u cannot blame ppl cr8 an alt the problem is urself why dont u just kik them cuz u already know that is an alt.
  5. so are we getting the the reward or not because i already send this bug to the support but no one answer me. any compensation from this for those who already spent their crystal?
  6. i think ele is good for dps, but if u looking for extra advantadge u should pick magel since they can do semi heal.
  7. Hi All, Anyone facing same problem like me here? today i just spent about 700 pcs crystal but i dont receive any reward from it, and the tier from the reward also not even update at all. Can someone help me to check on the problem. @TinyDragon @Ocho pls help me review this problem. Regards, Minervaaa | UTC+8 Server
  8. @TinyDragon @Ocho Please help fix this problem. and tell us what is actually happen here mostly steam and gameroom user cant login into the game here.
  9. Hi @TinyDragon what happen actually can you pls explain to us. everyone here still facing the problem. hopefully this problem can be fix asap.
  10. I hope Cloudburst server fix asap also. :3
  11. thanks i hope this problem can fix as soon as possible.
  12. Not only from Reavedge Village server i think other server effected as well. I from Cloudburst UTC+8 server also facing the same problem. Hopefully @TinyDragon @Ocho able to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  13. So other server also facing the same problem i think. Btw i am from Cloudburst UTC+8 Server.
  14. Hi, Just wanna ask is there currently facing the same problem like me? I cant login into my acc and keep stuck on the main page. dear admin, please check this issue because i already try to restart my pc restart my game platform i try all platform include facebook gameroom & steam. Both platform have the same issue keep stuck on the choose character phase and sometimes stuck at the choose server phase. Please fix this as soon as possible. And last i from Cloudburst UTC+8 Server. Thank!
  15. Alright here is some knowledge that i know. First get your legendaries first or just use mystica set if u still new. And then craft legendaries slowly. Gears Sets' 1. Ghast -2pcs - a must. so OP for melee. you will notice a big dps differ. 2. Armilliaran - 3pcs. 3. Fang of Titanus 4pcs - ( for new player you prolly wont be able to get this since it can only be rerolled on Legendary( not the crafted one) Sub Plague Descent 3pcs. Until u can get Fang of Tits 4pcs. 4. Bloodthirst - 3pcs. Ideally Bloodthirst on Ring and Pedant... 5. Arcane or Torture - Either one is good. I like Arcane seem to proc a lot. and the aoe dmgd and heals is nice. note: Skip the two-mind set. itsnt worth it. Skills and Runes 1. Death Gaze - 2. Deadly Forge 3.Tempest 4.Lava Quake 5. magnum Spike - Fang's Buff ( increase crit to party) 6. Anvil drop 7. Flaming sigil 8. Warhorn 9. Fortitude 10. Normal atk (spam between skills) Runes- Max all the runes skill you use to 40's then work your way up to lvl 60, on tempest duration tempest dmgd, and normal atk %. Stats on Gears Double stats is what you want to aim for first. STR,Crit,VIT,SPirit is a Plus on the Double stats rolls. GEMs- ATK DIAMONDS with CRITS DEF/SDEF - Hit Rating HP - with Dodge Star Circle? work on what you need. If your DPs is weak . work on Agility and Swiftness. (swiftness aux give up to 2.5% each ) swiftness give 1Stats to all each upgrade as well. if your are too squishy work on Flourish. Parry helps a lot.