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  1. That’s the thing, it’s over and over. Trying to craft something or looking at something by a vender and she does it every few seconds. It’s annoying.
  2. Yes! I’d love to throw that chick in the lake behind her.
  3. it's annoying. please make it stop.
  4. I felt like splurging a week or so ago and bought a $49.99 deal with the crystal chest (only got an additional 200 -meh). But yeah, since then no Goblin deals have been under $9.99. Now that I think of it, probably nothing under $19.99. Kinda dumb if they think I'm going to continue to only purchase more expensive Goblin Deals because I bought one that was at a higher cost. That was a one time thing and ended up being not worth it to me. If they wanna start offering back the cheaper deals, then I'm going to continue to purchase those. But in the end they're losing my money by offering me the $19.99-$99.99 deals because I'm not going to be buying them.
  5. Trial Quests: (other than being way too boring and long to run) are always bugged. Always a Quest Failed pop up to click and zoning in issues. Supply Delivery Quest: also bugged. You go to click the finish quest and it back tracks with you either running on the ground or on your mount super fast and back to the quest giver.
  6. I've been getting bunk junk lately too. 30 tickets last night, mostly got the same,.. puzzle pieces, reins, cards and horse shoes (not much complaint about those since free crystals and mount speed) 5 boxes and one level 30 gem were the only thing good from them. weaksauce spins.
  7. My guess is the devs keeping you under their thumb. They’d lose money if you could send something from an alt that your main needs. Keeps you tempted to purchase crystals in order to buy something with gold that you need.
  8. if they keep making stupid mistakes, it'll end up being their Warlords of Draenor. People will continue to leave.
  9. I really hate this update. for one, they could've come up with a better way for a guild to get a bonus instead of FORCING people in the guild to all change to the same faction. If I wanted to be Golden Flame,..I would've originally picked it.
  10. nope. first thing I looked for when I logged on. nothin'.
  11. +1 it's a pain to read Team or Guild Chat with cross server "Chatty Cathy's" going non-stop about random nonsense and flexing their e-peens.
  12. So you spend a lot of time and money gearing up and progressing your character and some casual, under-geared players cry because you beat them up? And the solution is to cater to casuals and make everyone "equal" ? *cough-Blizzard-cough* Everything about faction is a mess right now. All I wanna go is get my daily medals and GTFO as soon as possible. Oh right,...Riding Books no longer work in faction so it takes you longer to get our faction dailies done.
  13. yeah I just lost a bunch of stuff too but haven't bothered reporting it because of the terrible customer service. I've also stopped spending any money on this game because it'll soon be a sinking ship.
  14. I don't even think the transmog in this game is well executed. I don't understand why people would grind mats with terrible drop rates or spend money/gold on transmog packs just to look like old leveling gear and in the end still look like every other player out there. it's really not unique in any way. If anything they should do more in the ways of what they're doing with the cat, firefly, magic outfit and so on. Something unique. Come out with some cool looking sets and have to spend "X" amount of crystals and you can look like this. People would actually spend the money ( to buy crystals via real money) in order to buy a unique set.