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  1. need to spend 180.000 gems to get it... realy? good job NetEase... 80% of my guild was waiting so anxious for this event... But now all them give up becuz this price... now im with less members ;(
  2. sry, but normal members cant create topics? becuz i cant do it... or dont know how to create it
  3. and Brazilian players? We play pvp with MINIMUM 220ms delay... its so bad to play vs USA players using 50ms ;(
  4. try to use it on a ranked match to u see haha
  5. me and A LOT of my friends dont liked that 2 events... because bane is a hero so powerfull and rare... now everyone can get? its so bad And the high population of omaeus in PvP is so annoying, because this is an unbalanced hero as rurik... And I have a question, rurik can be draw in tavern or this is blocked temporary? Because we dont know someone drawed it Thx