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  1. Just wait for the update and see omg
  2. Now in Illusionist lords too omg
  3. Yup we have been talking about it and still no response. Appears in Hunts and Dummies.
  4. Anyone out there managed to get D1 with refining on forged Earings/Accessory/Bracelet? Is it possible? or is it a hidden thing that you can't get d1 on them?
  5. As a guildie said yes they're
  6. Yes, in Hunt me and a lot of guildies keep clicking the skills but they don't go off, what is this???????
  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they ignored this issue like it never happened, GG!
  8. You got scammed it's your own fault sadly, support can't do anything about this.
  9. No class swap No class swap No class swap No class swap No class swap No class swap
  10. Same, got all epic pvp gems and I'm good, not gonna waste silver to make some useless diamonds.
  11. I don't know the exact number of sets because some are 2/2 , 3/3, 4/4 so depending on you. Best dps sets are 3/3 d0 Blood Thirst - 2/2 d1 Dragon - 3/3 d3 Armillion/Arcane - 2/3 d5 Spinning - 3/3 d5 Beacon - d6 fire (don't have it yet so I don't know how many pieces to have) and if you're pyro you should have 4L too.
  12. Then Pyro is the best for you.
  13. Conj in PvP is really good if you want to burst people down from far range (since conjuring force gives you more range, highest range in the game so far). Pyro in PvP is good as a DPS spec, you have same range as the rangers so keep that in mind. Higher damage than conj. So pick what you want, do you want safe burst or all out burst?
  14. Strength-Attack-Crit-Hit rating-Accuracy-Spirit-Vitality-Def-Sdef-Hp