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  1. Get Plague then malum/ghast Get rid of sailor,manaflame,devidora Stay with blood thirst, samsara
  2. DAILY 3 Normal raids (Goblins Camp for highest rewards) 2 Normal raids for offerings to the ancient gods daily quest 20 Trial Quests 2 Lord Invasions Coliseum: 3v3 5v5 5 Arena matches Supply Delivery quest Faction Quests Reputation Quests Guild Hunt: Normal Hunt Ruler Hunt Faction Hunt Survival or Assassination or both (can get rewards from first 2 tries from 1 type only, daily rewards from 1 type only) Events (Demon Invasion / Guild Goblins / Guild Bonfire / Guild Battle / Defend the relic / Beach party / Faction snatch or protect tramcart) WEEKLY Team Raids Normal 4 Heroic raids (2) Aldorr Coliseum: (5 matches for weekly rewards) 3v3 5v5 30 Guild Quests Mystica *Add if I forgot something*
  3. Does this affect the healing received or only given?
  4. How can we get the grade 100 items now? I don't see them in shop
  5. First who found this bug: Video Confirmation: (Auto attack is 850 with or without Conjuring force) What the path says: @Ocho @TinyDragon
  6. Where is your point? why is it terrible? why are people quiting over this? why are f2p players forced?
  7. Viable but not favorable to use because other 2 paths give way more damage output.
  8. This isn't a bug, this is the new swap feature. Now you don't swap sets between 2 equipment, every equipment has it's own set bank, once you identified an equipment its set is added to the set bank (then you can dismantle or emerge that equipment and the set won't be lost). If you want for example D5 Spinning on your offhand and you just got the equipment, go identify it then go Reforge > Swap set ON THE OFFHAND THAT YOU'RE USING click on [+] and you'll find the set there even if you dismantled the D5 offhand once you swap it both equip will have SAME D5 spinning, but the old set will be in the bank.
  9. Tick is damage over time, means that the skill doesn't just do initial damage (once the skill hits the target) but also sticks to the target and damages the target for a few seconds/ticks. For example Elemental matrix is 6 ticks : 1st tick is the initial damage once it hits the target and then damages the target 5 more times then it ends, so the target gets damaged by the skill 6 times in total.
  10. Motivation 2nd layer was always magic basic attack, not their fault you didn't ask around. Also you didn't notice that your basic attack doesn't increase after upgrading the aux? lol
  11. You had more than 6 months to drop your "useless" warrior and make a new char