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  1. Hello very excited to read this post but I have a question for you @Ocho, Is the new mage class is going to be available when this server opens up?
  2. Can someone post the link to that stream? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello crusaders team, So Ive read that a merge is going to happen with Surgewind Wilds and Reavedge Village coming soon. So I'm guessing a new server won't happen ? I mean a new server will have so many pros and cons. When the elemental mage class is release to us, you think we will see a new server? A brand new server with ALL CLASS starting from scratch ? I think that will be very interesting to see. JUST SAYING. IF not you think a merge will happen with Skyblaze_Village_UTC-8 and another server within the same progress so that way it can bring more activity in the server ? THANKS , have a good day.