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  1. I'm sure inserting the "disk" would help, but yeah... Uninstalling FB Gameroom then re-installing fixed the problem for now so topic resolved.
  2. Col.exe - No Disk There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H:. Just signed back in after update and cant go for more than 5 seconds without it popping up. It used to pop up on me when I was entering a dungeon or entering the crafting town. This was just once then it would stay away. Now I log back in the wilds and I go 10 feet and it pops up. any solution?
  3. Currently 47/40 First question is: For "path" levels is it better to just use "path" xp or a combo with "level" xp? Is there a good ratio to go for? (once I use too much "level" xp to level the "path" I get a 90% or so reduction in all xp gained) Second question: Trial Quests...Been doing them regularly for the past few days always do more than 20, and still get the normal lowered xp and spoils after the 20. Today after I completed the 20 I got the message "All urgent quests completed, council of light will reduce the rewards" and I get zero rewards for finishing the quests. (No xp, gold, etc.) Why do I no longer receive any rewards whatsoever? Currently at the point where overall experience is lowered (leveled "path" with "level" experience) so as it sits I need 230k exp to actually level up but no way to get exp. So I welcome any suggestions that will help. TY