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  1. Title says it all. FIX YOUR FU*KING GAME
  2. When is the bs going to be fixed about skills "not ready" during world boss and guild events? getting really old.
  3. In game mail I got said 6hrs.
  4. Logged in 15mins after Friday, joined group to do Heroic Chimeria. Joined at first boss downed him, got zero rewards. Afterwards I checked my raids' status area and shows I killed but got no rewards. Someway to fix?
  5. After the update (star circle) spent 87 tickets go no star circle items at all. And the "rare" i got was just the junk mount crate which equates to 3m silver which is in no means rare. So yeah it prob is all luck based and some people are just unlucky.
  6. I'm sure inserting the "disk" would help, but yeah... Uninstalling FB Gameroom then re-installing fixed the problem for now so topic resolved.
  7. Col.exe - No Disk There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H:. Just signed back in after update and cant go for more than 5 seconds without it popping up. It used to pop up on me when I was entering a dungeon or entering the crafting town. This was just once then it would stay away. Now I log back in the wilds and I go 10 feet and it pops up. any solution?
  8. Currently 47/40 First question is: For "path" levels is it better to just use "path" xp or a combo with "level" xp? Is there a good ratio to go for? (once I use too much "level" xp to level the "path" I get a 90% or so reduction in all xp gained) Second question: Trial Quests...Been doing them regularly for the past few days always do more than 20, and still get the normal lowered xp and spoils after the 20. Today after I completed the 20 I got the message "All urgent quests completed, council of light will reduce the rewards" and I get zero rewards for finishing the quests. (No xp, gold, etc.) Why do I no longer receive any rewards whatsoever? Currently at the point where overall experience is lowered (leveled "path" with "level" experience) so as it sits I need 230k exp to actually level up but no way to get exp. So I welcome any suggestions that will help. TY