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  1. Awesome, thank you! I had no idea. I hadn't touched the 5 skill bar since I switched to 10 immediately.
  2. Can you select which 5 skills are used in auto when you're using a 10-skill bar?
  3. In addition to this, a more gradual difficulty scaling would be ideal too. As you mentioned, it only takes a few days to hit level 45 and once I did I felt like I'd hit this huge wall where all the quests and mobs were WAY stronger than I was and it felt like there was no way to progress except gathering a full 5 person team to complete regular quests.
  4. I'm pretty excited for Tera M, I've played so much of the PC version. I'm on the Korean Tera M right now, and the game play mechanics feel pretty nice so far. Haven't done any sort of party play yet as I'm just working through the main quests right now, but it's pretty smooth.
  5. Ah, okay thanks guys! I wasn't sure if it was me possibly stuffing up my path (not leveling it high enough for the content) or what. Looks like the scaling is just crazy high, I ended up getting a group together to get through the quests as I just couldn't do it alone.
  6. Hey all, forewarning: I'm totally new to CoL and am currently working on my first few characters to see what I enjoy. I've recently gotten to level 45+ on my paladin & warrior and unlocked the main story line quest which requires me to kill 4 patrolling Desolatists. I've been unable to do so on either character, they just simply thump me into the ground. My path level is approximately 6 levels below my character level due to not being able to really increase it much quicker without being hit with the Demon Oppression 1% exp debuff. Am I doing something wrong or is the scaling of these quests just really steep in comparison to previous story line quests? Are these intended to be done with a group rather than solo?
  7. Oh, I see. Thank you for the information. I'm totally new so don't really have a good grasp of all the mechanics yet!
  8. I leveled to 46 and I'm back to 900% exp, so I'll just forget about my path and rush to higher levels before dumping into path. I see what you're saying, but I'm not sure how that really works. If I keep my character exp close to level-up requirement and then upgrade my path, my exp will be around the half-way mark (since I'll consume it to level the path). If I hit the debuff I've got quite a while to go before I level up and shake the debuff off. Not to worry though. I'll just work on my path after my character level. I appreciate the responses and assistance
  9. Ahh, so forget path and level to 55 first? It's been quite confusing as there are so many guides out there and I think it must have previously been advised to sit at level 44 and dump EXP into your path (which is what I tried to do, hence the demon supression). Obviously this information is outdated. Thank you for your help, I'll concentrate on leveling to 55 before focusing on my path
  10. As a new player I find this quite confusing. I'm currently level 45 with a path level of 39 and I've hit demon suppression so am receiving a 1% debuff. I see players who are level 50 or so with level 60+ paths, is this not obtainable any more? I can't level my path more than once a level without being hit by demon suppression, so I see no way of progressing my path higher than my character level. Is it fine for my path to sit 6 levels below my character? Not sure if I'm doing something wrong
  11. In PC there isn't really a need for two lines of 5 since you shouldn't even be clicking them with a mouse at all. Bind each of your skills to something you're comfortable reaching on your keyboard and mouse buttons via Settings > Press > 10-Skill Panel.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but is there a solution to this or is voice chat simply not available on PC?
  13. It's pretty fast to get to the 40s. I'm a brand new player and hit 40 on my first day playing. Just did all my dailies, raids, guild quests, etc. OP: I've been using this guide here, he mentions equipment at around 16:20.
  14. As a new Paladin (and CoL player), this is my preferred play-style also, heh.