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  1. i have finished all quest in Sardar Highland there is 1st achievement in best brothers where i have to help Morris hide the truth from his brother Alex so that rendered unachievable because you cant do the sub plot again. 2nd one is in Love of Violette where i have to watch Lilia leave but i have chosen to advice her to stay that achievement have same problems i want to complete the achievement bar as i'm a completionist please help if there is a way to finish them or re do the quest again.
  2. i have problems with items, newcomer package
  3. i have tried and submitted over 5 tickets in which all have returned asking to fill in my server and in-game character, the thing is when you submit a ticket it only asks for your real name ,your email and description. i noticed this problem after the 2nd ticket as i was unaware of it till i saw the no reply messages asking for in-game and server name. i tried to put my in-game and server name in the description still i get the same email asking me to add my server and my in-game please help as i have few problems i want fixed https://postimg.org/image/wj545y29v/ https://postimg.org/image/83ww4d0mr/f30ee95c/