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  1. Saying something and Doing something are 2 completely different things I'll return to CoL once changes have been made (if they're ever made). Until then I'm out, I've played more than enough MMO's to know exactly where this is going.
  2. There's a new MMORPG based on Summoners War by Com2Us coming soon too This might be a good rival for a lot of Mobile MMO's on the market atm
  3. I can't even get past desolate the desolationists, those guys have way too much def/hp
  4. 1500 Crystal's?!?!?! Wow that is a lot, even buying Top up crystals that's £149.97, how is this even justified?
  5. Game mechanics mitigation does not = class balancing The Warrior is having to be used as a Tank however has 2 DPS paths, Paladins should be Tanks and Warriors should be burst DPS with small options for defence and health regen not the other way round... I'd like to see a buff to Warrior Execution path, until then the servers will be full of OP Ranger Scouts or Paladins
  6. Had a speedy reply from support regarding this issue, the issue seems fixed now as of 12/01/18 (FB Gameroom), many thanks to NetEase for such a speedy fix