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  1. @mikee this game is full of "professional MLG" players that can make you wipe for years on simple mechanics. You need to pick them up like little babies by the hand , and if possible put a coloured mark especially for them in the raid so they know where to stay. There's nothing wrong in calling those who say that a boss is bugged noobs or stupid - because they clearly are noob means simply new to the game when the stupid part comes in is when people automatically call the boss bugged - therefore they KNOW everything at that boss, all that's left is for the developers to fix it. That is the definition of stupid if you ask me. stupid - having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. There's nothing bad in being stupid. In this life everyone at many points will be stupid. The whole point is to realise when you're stupid and do something to stop being stupid. OR let's keep wiping and say the developers are evil and they need to fix the boss so the smartest players on the universe can kill it too.
  2. Ok so... You need 3 players to block the spin CORRECTLY Meaning u stay in the center of the line , and not inside the initial red circle of the boss, it will just knock u back and hit u and nothing will happen. So you need to let the boss start charging and then position in front of him. "the fight is buggy blablabla" - no, the fight is not buggy at all, what I can tell u for sure is that people on the other hand are stupid and fail, that's the only buggy part there, and it's nothing to do with the mechanics of the fight. If you have another wave of noobs telling you they died from blocking, there are another 2 "bugs" that people usually do: 1. They stay very near the boss, so they will get knocked back once, and the boss (remember he needs 3 people to block before it stops) will hit the first brave soldier that is in front , ahead of the rest of the group, and the boss won't stop, it will continue to charge ahead and it will hit the brave dude twice, and kill him (again, stupid players, nothing wrong with the mechanics of the fight) 2. Another nice " bug" not stupid people being stupid, is when again people stay in front of the line and another group behind it, so then the boss can spawn "red circles" on the group in front, and the brave soldier that will block first will get knocked back into the circles. Again, the encounter is PERFECTLY fine, players are just noobs , or you have a bad raid leader.
  3. Yes it's something i see very often in this game. Tanks opening with taunt which is pretty dumb in terms of logic. Boss have nobody on aggro, taunt does not generate any aggro but it forces the boss to change the target to you. Boss have nobody on the target. So you taunt the boss to do what? Basically you're better using an auto attack than opening with taunt. On pulrik you have to kite and move around, thing is if you constantly move (which happens when you panic) you won't actually hit the boss to generate aggro. You have to keep attacking him even wile he use the red circles, you can still run around his hitbox and continue to attack. If the tank is undergeared (let's say 45 000 gear score) and you have paying players in your raid with 60-70k gearscore, you will just have to get used to him losing aggro or try to make your dps deal less damage in the first minute of the fight.