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  1. Yes it's something i see very often in this game. Tanks opening with taunt which is pretty dumb in terms of logic. Boss have nobody on aggro, taunt does not generate any aggro but it forces the boss to change the target to you. Boss have nobody on the target. So you taunt the boss to do what? Basically you're better using an auto attack than opening with taunt. On pulrik you have to kite and move around, thing is if you constantly move (which happens when you panic) you won't actually hit the boss to generate aggro. You have to keep attacking him even wile he use the red circles, you can still run around his hitbox and continue to attack. If the tank is undergeared (let's say 45 000 gear score) and you have paying players in your raid with 60-70k gearscore, you will just have to get used to him losing aggro or try to make your dps deal less damage in the first minute of the fight.