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  1. Fully agree with u : 8 month playing and never crafted a legendary, don't speak about un-lucky tickets
  2. La guilde existe déjà, mais les frenchies sont des grosses faignasses ...Appelle moi dans le jeu, mais si tu n'as pas de discord... laisse tomber Josky... Empire FR
  3. why do you need a GM in such a stupid and basic game
  4. Ho les englishs players, il est temps de quitter ce jeu a la con.....translate... it's the right moment to leave this stupid game
  5. they are others problems in this game
  6. stop, u just have to leave this nice game
  7. Where is the shop for the old honor medal
  8. Sry my friend, was a joke.... I fully agree with u, it's to much.
  9. A lot of work to do it with U, not so expensive
  10. game client restarted, and reinstalled. still doesn't work