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  1. Another bug with wind whisper survival has emerged today. The game gets stuck on loading screen when I try to enter wws. The loading screen does not close even after several minutes of waiting. The only way to debug it is to restart the game. When you restart the game, you lose one participation attempt, but don't get any reward. Relogin, hiding other other players, setting video settings on minimum did not help to solve this problem. There always were plenty of bugs in wws (that is: getting stuck in one location or falling into the white space beneath the ground that cannot be escaped; ability to attack other players before the battle has started; invisible players who cannot be even selected with tab; players without name and HP bar. Not to mention unfair gameplay when several players team up and kill others one by one. And now you cannot even enter T_T
  2. It works now, Facebook Gameroom was updated recently and you can login without using that developer feature. Also, according to the patch notes, Mystica was fixed. Two good news at once =)
  3. Apparently, it was not resolved for all players.
  4. Hmm, tried it several times before, and tried it again now. Unfortunately, it does not fix this problem for me.
  5. That's how 10 skills setup window looks for me: The first 9 skills (plus normal attack) are selected by default and I cannot choose other skills. The result is that the light sigil, one of the key skills, can't be used in the 10-skills mode. What am I missing?