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  1. Hi everyone, here another Video. Me (Archer 70k BP) fighting Clan Guardian (CG). Tactics/Tips: - use meele pet and stay at the left edge of the square, so u dont get hit by CG - protection seals: water - top left, lightning - top right, fire - bottom right, wind - bottom left - after getting protection roll from the right side below CG to not get knocked back to far from the square Video recorded with mobizen at Jul 9th 2017. More vids will follow. Youtube: short Version: https://youtu.be/Hmu5jf706QE Hope u like it! #Tome of the Sun
  2. Hi there, since update is coming soon I started to make some Videos how I do dungeons and stuff. You will find the Videos on Youtube and Facebook. I hope Tome of the Sun will also post them on their Facebook-Site. First Video: Me (Archer 70k BP) fighting World Boss (WB). Tactics: - dodge WBs lightning attack - use skill to avoid knockback from tentacle attack and body slam - dodge right, left, left to automatically get the heal/defense buff This tactic should also work as Mage! Youtube: short Version: https://youtu.be/BeVTThVt71U long Version: https://youtu.be/cZ04yOo1Y-g Hope u like it!