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  1. I also wonder why after so much time Netease is still not be able or willing to fix that TOTALLY OP hero. Killing him is hard enough but it doesnt end there. After dead skill? Really? Breaks PVP totally. Netease is ****ing up their own game like this. Looks like Netease doesnt give a crap about balance. Similar prob with OMA but thats another Story. People are sick of it. But only few care enough to register and complain about it. Most just quit the game. With all the crap Netease made with this game in the last year many many left. My guild, once 80% Active people, is deserted now. Its just a Cellphone Game !! Poeple can delete and switch to other games in few minutes, and they DO. Help urself Netease and FIX that. Now some helpless mod will tell me that they know about and are working on it. ( LOL ) How long they gonna work on it? Any Progress?