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  1. Server merge would be nice. I wouldn't be mad if all of the servers merged into one.
  2. That might be a good idea if players can be civil to each other. I was also thinking maybe being more active here and on Tome's official facebook page might get Netease's attention. Looking at Netease's other games on facebook, it's much more active compared to Tome.
  3. Then you must be part Dragon clan. You should have many veteran players capable of answering any questions you have. Was there something in particular you wanted to discuss with me?
  4. I'm sure an admin will answer your question in greater detail, but from my experience, fishcuits can only be obtained when a pet event includes them. If memory servers me right, you receive them through daily login rewards and from completing dungeons with the fishcuit icon over it. The fishcuit shop tab has been there for awhile now (since void event). This happened before and it went away when enough people pointed it out to a GM. NA Dragoon - NopeKnight
  5. What's your in-game name and server? Cubona is nice... it would also be nice to have roxy back.
  6. Due to my Fury and impatience, I only focused on the lightning, but should have also waited for the thunder to get the Storm? Sorry...I'll show myself out. Happy Friday!
  7. Disregard this post - I just saw on AU server that month events start on Friday the 11th.
  8. Thank you for doing a maintenance and releasing a pet event for this month. I was wondering if you guys didn't add item events(?) on purpose. Just to clarify - item events are flawless stone, wing stone, insight stone, mythic gear, and gem event.
  9. When another player does higher damage than you, it does not give you the right to accuse them of hacking. You also accused me of hacking as well - I believe something along the lines of using a skill level 200 hack (not sure what that means and why you think I'm hacking). Like I said in my previous comment, please send a feedback to a GM if you have any issues. Accusing people of hacking is not edifying and it certainly isn't going to solve any issues you have. I too would like to clean up all the negativity within the game as well. If you agree, I would appreciate it if you changed your knight's alt's name (Dad-of-Nope) to something else. Thank you.
  10. If you have an in-game issue I would contact a GM. Not sure if accusing someone of hacking without any proof on here will resolve anything. Also, I would appreciate it if you didn't derail my post - this post is about events and my opinions on Tome's current situation. Thank you.
  11. Sure, feel free to throw up any questions on a new post and I'll try to answer them as best as I can.
  12. Woot! I'll pass on the good news to everyone. Thank you for replying.
  13. Any update on this? Players are getting a bit antsy without an event for over a month. Thank you.
  14. May is in 2 days so we might find out pretty soon.
  15. Thanks for getting back to me. Tome of the Sun is really a one-of-a-kind app that appeals to players like me who doesn't want a time consuming game, but it's complex enough to keep me entertained. I've been playing at least 2+ years starting from Specter server (before the big merge), to Storm server, and now I'm in Dragoon server. It would be nice to see Tome thrive with new players, but unfortunately I'm seeing the opposite where many long time players like myself are either quitting or have already quit and it seems like there's a decline in new players in Dragoon server. I'm also noticing the lack of updates/replies in the Tome of the Sun Facebook website - this isn't a complaint, but more of a concern. I'm trying to spread the good news to my clan mates and other players in my server that you an Admin is responding to my questions. It's been increasingly harder to get a response from feedback in game, but I'm only one person. I understand that Netease can only do so much and will focus on apps that are generating more monies. I also understand that there is a Chinese version of Tome of the Sun with much more content. It would be amazing to experience some of the new content in the near future, and hopefully maybe with a new promotion along with new content it can attract new players and convince some of the old players to come back. I'm sure it's much more complex than what I'm writing, and Netease has their own timeline in terms of how they want to progress with Tome. Please let us know if there is anything the players can do to "grab" Netease's attention that there are still some players that genuinely love to play this game.