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  1. Like the title says.. make something the guild will aim for. We all know 1-20 persons can get titles for whoever beats a certain dung when required criterias are met but how about make something guild related event. The guild faction event is nice because guildies can do ruler in pvp area and get something but to be honest the rewards are crap. My suggestions are the ff; 1. Make dung clear ratio guild based reward. I know alot of people who aim for first kills, fastest and they should be rewarded for that. But how about the guilds who make the game alive? The criterias you make on getting 100% clear on prison is getting lvl 50 attack gems and 100% lab is 50 defense gems. Why not make it something more? I know you guys have the data but I think naming guilds who contributed alot more for the clear ratio of the dung that the whole server benifits should get a price. Lets say silvers, golds, 1 month gob deal etc..Now thats something to aim for. Yes p2w may take place here but helping out a fellow guildie has never damaged the game. 2. Make an event that the whole guild can participate and ends up with good~great drop not just 500k silver $hit. Make it 2-3 times a day. I’m out of ideas but thats my point. In the end of the day the guild who prospers and helps more is and will be healthy to the game plus it makes it more competitive. And people will go flame about certain guilds having too much p2w but remember that not all people have time to play and the people who have time to participate and help fellow players should be rewarded more not just a game run by 2k+ alts.
  2. Yeah so I suggest dont do anything on that treasure be refine, reforge or what not cus theres a high chance everything will reset.
  3. Btw for a warrior why do you even have 13 star circles? Maybe you mean star lens/mirrors lol.
  4. You’ll still be adding $ on it thou as you wont be selling that car anywhere near $50,000 and that new car your going to buy is more than $50,000 and I’m sure as hell you cant trade your car to the new one with out spending, so yeah his example is quite accurate
  5. well that makes sense as to follow their new class selection. Melee Warrior str type Paladin str type Range Ranger Agi type mystics int type elemental int type So it will be assuming the type melee agi type 😊
  6. @Straylight sorry haven’t read the mail when I commented but hey panda said it in live stream sooo.. and he clarified us now
  7. Guys if you watched the last stream you wont be asking this on forum.. Now to answer your question, Panda said we can freely swap any faction we want without any side effects of losing our rank and stat gains, it will just carry over if ever you switch from dark to light etc.. add to that you will have additional buff if you chose the faction of your same guild. hope that clarifies anything and it doesn't hurt to watch the streams for any clarification and announcement
  8. Oh yeah that button.. but can you press it if you are silenced? oh dont tell me you can use "roll" to dodge the silence??
  9. @Avaclonyou really are retarded 😂 1. I didnt imply anything on ranger stronger than melee. Your statement is if we get jumped we die and yes 100% we will get jumped unless ur a noob @ss pala who die on 1 rotation of magel or scout. We are talking about same gear or even higher gear mages and rangers losing to 10k or more GS pala. 2.If you are pala and you cant do 30k on lords as tank you really are nab 😂 Dont worry Ill show you pala tank dps on ordeal 1-3 if you want 😂 3. So where are the list of weakness huh? Cant get anything? 4. They are getting nerf but you clearly are saying this on a view point of paladins who are OP Atm lol. If you get wrecked by mages I sure as hell you gonna cry to get them nerf. 5. You’re dumb if you think like that. Pala can kill anyone without even any counter play and thats a fact no need for range skills and stats difference. And this is why guys this nobrainer shouldn’t talk nonsense in forums. Show facts first not make useless arguments
  10. Now tell me senpai how do we use DODGE 😂 as far as I see you the retard stating to use that where in you in all people should know that thats a number generated dodge not a skill and use dodge button 😂
  11. You drunk or what? You already know by now that mystics and rangers dont have 10s stuns. If we let pally jump on us we die right? Ofcourse cus they are OP. We cant kill pala fast enough and the moment they jumped we are fcked. If pala has weakness site it know.. or you yourselves dont know what your weakness do you? Because palla can tank, sustain and burst simple and take note.. at the same fcking time! So dont tell us they are not OP even a dps build warrior/exe/fang cant switch to tank and deal 30k+ dps on lords. While Pala on the other hand can do more than what warriors can do. Theres a reason why palla’s are nerfed in cn server and dont get butt hurt on it. Face the fact
  12. @CreoN the 1-10 in the star (Core star as we call it) contributes in your passive stat, thus if you invest on leveling up that regardless if its activated or not you will get the passive growth. For the auxillary star (the foot image after the core star that is lvl 2 on your vid) thats the one that gives you passive stat once you activated it.
  13. I really don't get about new players playing a month or two from now on how they want to make things easier than it should be. We wiped for countless of days when dungeon is out and you guys want to finish sky hc fast. Thats not the worst part, the worst part is when you finish sky hc your mentality shifts as you can try foundry normal. Now come on guys, not just because they made everything easy you wont do your part as a player. Finishing a certain raid while you are not contributing for 50% of the damage/heal/tactics of the game says alot of things. Getting carried is one thing, but dying and getting carries is another so do your job and get strong. It frustrates me to see people finishing sky hc and want to try out foundyr like, come on dude? You just got carried in sky hc and you want to try foundry and core? zzzz
  14. @Poyo Oh and sorry my memories are bad but weeks before the merge there are 4 Tears of star posted at 1.6M
  15. As before surgewind and reavedge merge there are 2 (or 3, assuming someone didn’t post the legendary acce for ranger) and 1 for earrings. Because I myself lookout for price drop on those things as they sell around 1.6m+. When we we merged my guildies got approximately 2 ranger acce and 3 earrings sold around 1m+ How did I know because I was a seconds or minutes late before logging in when merged happened, then the achievement for buying 1m gold for an item on trade hall pop up on guildchat. Even if people from our server posted them cheaper before the merge states that you can get more than 3 exquisite acce for each parts. The part where im late comes because if I logged in sooner I could have bought an accessory or even bracelet (I doubt as they are insta buy on our server even at max price) and can tell you how many are posted but the data itself showing my guildies getting them minutes after merge and inspecting them shows that there is indeed no cap for exquisite accesory/earrings/bracelet