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  1. @Esrun the topic was about heroic dungeon not heroic team raid dungeon.
  2. Have some dignity guys geez. Your greedyness towards the game knows no bounds. What? Next time you will want fort 10 or 5 man? I hope netease fix this that scales thru gs not just because we got strong we want less people inside for benifit of the few. Next time someone will post here requesting blood of titanus drop on heroic dung
  3. If you quit stop commenting here because everything you say here is irrelevant.
  4. @Indecent No problem man and if my memories are correct the 3/3 gorg set was 10% or 15% increase in crit thats why its my go too equipment but now 5% isn't that much. If you have chance get armillarion set haha
  5. @Indecent Reason why we make crit a base line of above 50% because heroic bosses have 10-15% crit resistance making our crit chance below 40% which is not that high plus bosses have parry and dodge chance. For the Gorghana, Its not that viable anymore because they changed the 3/3 set to 5% which is very low. Adding 15% crit to your stat is not reliable in any way unless you have huge base damage that needs crit. Better of getting plague/ghast/armi set than gorghana.
  6. First things first... @RedPanda I love the game I really do, from day 1 until now. Events, promo's, culture, raids, even the customer care and you guys the relations officer. But truth be told you fck up this game. Sorry for the language but, now the game is soooo broken all I want tonight when I sleep is this to be fixed tom. What heartbreaking is I know you guys are doing an excellent job debugging bugs etc.. but the compensation just hit me like a truck. At first I was skeptical on how you will compensate your players, Ialready suggested the ff; 1-2 legends/200-500 prosperious chest/ 200-500 tickets *1-2 legends, give it like a box. I know you guys like RNG and what better way to put it is thru a box that contains leaf legendaries in which we can get 1-2 random legendary items *200-500 prosperious chest, another RNG ITEM * 200-500 tickets, yes this may seem broken but for 3 or more days with out access to reforge/gems switch etc I think this will be the proper or ideal thing to give because at the roulette now are gems that can be dismantled, vanity's and mounts Why legendaries? Think of it as a long run, people will eventually get legendaries so help us, it can make our characters strong plus it tends to have more competition. When people are under-geared they tend to seclude their self's thinking the only way to catch up is by paying, now dont make it like that. Everyone affected by it who are online for at least 4hrs should get the 1st option I asked. People love the game and you guys are doing a heck of a job maintaining it but giving people gems.. more and more gems than they can handle is too much. People who invested time, knowkledge and money on this game should be rewarded not just random person. Know your player base and eventually we will help make the game more better by contributing for the well being of the game and this move is not it. You made it seem that gems are the end game item whilst getting legendaries so make it that way. I got lucky I got lvl 40 sparkling diamond from crafting and i feel motivated and pumped to play the game even more, but giving this like this will surely break your player base because you have given them something that we yearn for everyday for the rest of the years to come which is the end game gems. Please reconsider and by all means, roll back all the gems we got from the following day till the said issue.
  7. Very simple, once you can do heroic mode of everlush/chim/sky there will be no point in doing normal run. Plus its completely stated that normal and heroic share the same loot because heroic gives the same if not more loot than normal.
  8. Agree with @R0sers. To be honest I started crafting lvl 20 diamonds way back and I don't see any significant difference in making lvl 40 and making 4 lvl 20 gems all I see is a lvl 20 diamond that is eventually be replaced in the long run. Now lets go to the statistics of things; *lvl 20 diamond will take you 1-3 days to make 1. (Don't ask me how because if you can't make it with in 1-3 days there is something wrong with your method.) *lvl 40 diamond will take you roughly 1-2 weeks and depends on a lot of things but 2 weeks is the maximum time to get 1. - lvl 20 diamond will give you +14 and + stats - lvl 40 diamond will give you +24 and + stats. Now don't get me wrong 4 + 14 and stats is wayyyyyyyy better than 1 +24 but the thing is once you get to a point that you all have a lvl 20 diamond and +2.5 stats (Max) that's where you will start contemplating on the stats when you will be going to lvl 30 or lvl 40 diamonds/sparkling. You will see that rating is nothing compare to stats and that lvl 20 diamond/sparkling will become a burden once replacing them to a lvl higher than them because when you dont get the results you want or if it gives a lower stat than the original you will start to stay with the lvl 20 and that's where the invisible wall will come in. Here's my suggestion and my way of doing gems. 1. Start getting lvl 40 blue gems. Every equipment should have a lvl 40 blue gems (Doesn't matter what type as long as lvl 40 gems) 2. Start making a lvl 40 epic gems. (Don't make it into a diamond yet.) 3. Focus on the main stat you want. Lets say you are a dps ranger focus on getting fireworks diamond/ for mages lunar or moonstones/ for tanks health or defense even attack diamonds. 4. Now this will be the hard part and thus frustrating when it comes to result. THe main stat you choose, make them lvl 40 diamonds. Will take you around 1-2 weeks as I said earlier but the good thing you will get from here are the ff: - fresh stats ( 0-2.5% stat gain) - higher stats ( +18 for epic gems +24 for diamonds.) -Chance to get sparkling diamond. 5. People may ask or question that you will be lacking on some parts of the stat from the lvl 20 diamonds you will gain and my answer will be.. a lvl 40 epic diamond for me is wayyy stronger than a lvl 20 diamond and it gives you a step close for the max gem set-up. Hope this helps and you should try it out yourself. What I don't personally like about lvl 20 fireworks/sparkling is once you get a 2.5+ stat its hard to replace them to a more superior one just because of its max stat. Thats why better settle with a no stat gems that going to be replaced by a random 0-2.5 increase in stat rather than contemplating on replacing the 2.5 stat for a 1.7 or lower that gives more damage etc.. PS. not a fan of sparkling diamond because its total Bs that you only get 1.6 increase in stats where in you will lose 0.9 for every gem you replace. Would be better if they make lvl 20 sparkling 1.6 stat/ lvl 30 sparkling 2.0 stat and lvl 40 2.5 stat increase.
  9. To be honest I totally agree to @Jpb33d simply because having leaf legends are costly rather than crafting. And i bet you with 500k gold you can have full crafted legendary than buying 1 legendary for 500k gold. Now it doesnt have to be a full blown stat increase a 5-10% in stats will do. if you have +170 mdef and with 10% will be +187 its not that much but still it makes you think the worth of leaf legendary than crafted
  10. I dont know what weapon you have that you think is stronger than your legendary but even a Rank A Grade 240 legendary weapon is as stronger than any SS weapon out there. Show some pictures and let us evaluate on how strong your current weapon over the legendary weapon.
  11. Uhmmm guys.. you can't attack/damage the guardian if you dont occupy all the flags and cannons, plus if you kill the guardian you wont win instantly, destroying the relic tower or what it is called will. It might be a bug but theres no evidence or picture.
  12. Now let me show you things in my perspective; 1.You wanted 1 leaf which cost around 25-30k in exchange of a 700k minimum sure buy gold? Really? 2. Accessory and earrings are a sure buy legend because you cant get any legend from Bp in accessory and earrings lvl 30 ( Yes you can craft legend acce and earrings from lvl 30 but goodluck finding the BP's) 3. After people buy their weapon legendary its wise to buy accessory and earrings legendary because in the long run you will be using it for quite sometime. 4. You can't exchange leaves for legend acce and earrings so the only way to get it is by Light of dawn and you are lucky. Just find the right buyer and sell that for a minimum and that 1-5 leaves is miniscule to the 700k gold minimum you will be getting. Hope this helps and look at it a long run, not just easy gold you can get.
  13. @DarkKush Btw you can buy frost heart via guild shop but its 20k contribution just so you know.
  14. @Agoraphobia bro what you talking about? the prices of legendary in store for leaf exchange is still the same. You are just making excuses to get your $500 back. Apparently people who commented on this page truly believe that there were increase in price for trading of leaf to legendary and are making excuses why this game is bad lol. Hope you guys dont spend a dime on any game because you enjoyed something then refund when something goes wrong.
  15. @buffspark900 The thing is everything was easy after global launch. Back then 3 months before global launch we cant even lay a finger on gorghana, now people are killing them AFK left and right. Sky was nearly unbeatable now it is a joke running 1-3 you can even afk it. I think what they are trying to say is the difficulty and achievement was made easier now unlike 3 months before. People are now killing heroic FB or chim and ever and in my server figuring out ever LB and on the verge to defeat chim LB. And still people complaining that soft launch server was months late defeating heroic team raids while there server defeated it days or weeks before when in fact everything was nerfed at global launch Lol. Thats why the server isn't that much ahead because everything was made easier when other servers are up.