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  1. @Xiris first of all I dont care if you're a theorycrafters of wow because thats pretty irrelevant on this post. Second, if you can use your logic and your reading skill, 4/4 L scout set clearly says that volley increases damage by 30%, and Hit rate by 3%.. "AND" meaning the effect applies on the volley itself. Third, you clearly dont know what,data your talking about because you already contradicted yourself. Saying that not all skills are affected by +skills means that everything is affected your data is just not accurate. A lvl 45 blessed and lvl 98 is just 4k difference?? Please check your data again Fourth, Im not wrong I clearly said that "I" dont get parried hence the 4/4 L set even with 0% accuracy. And ever if you find something worth replacing L scout be my guest. lastly as I said it is + skills actually help out. Pre lvl 45 and post lvl 45 in skill if you guys remember we actually increased in damage by 0.5-2k damage. And if that doesn't remotely convince you check at lvl 55 gap.
  2. @Xiris the 3% increase in hit is only applicable on the volley skill itself. Since I had the 4/4 volley doesn't parry or dodge in anyway. Plus the 3/4 bonus is strong and you might not notice it at first but once you get use to your attack pattern you will notice a slight boost of attack speed when it proc. Tested it a million times but you will do 2 times attack rotation when your 3/4 L set proc along with scout buff because most of the time you are focused on your skills cool down because its the most damage you have. Test it yourself, take out your L set and let your passive buff for scout proc while doing auto attacks for a minute or two then equip your L set and you will see a big difference. For the 4/4 its a no brainer. Take that because you will kill boss fast at 20% below. Mine is dealing 20k above 20% and 40k+ below 20% each volley. Now for the + skills they actually help out. Ask your fellow tanks how much HP they get from flaming sigil or the flag skill (Sorry forgot the name). Even if they have 18-20k HP when they have 80+ skill pts on that skill they will go around 30-40k health just by the + skill on it.
  3. Its called strategy. If you want to go solo fine by me but grouping in solo que isn't cheating lol.
  4. @Piet I didn't experience that bug but your statement seems real, hope to get more feedback from other players....
  5. @Artanis If you have been playing the game since released then you of all people should know that using and utilizing AH is far more better than buying straight up LOD. People get mad because of how simple it is to obtain them and you make it sound so complicated.
  6. @RedPanda Yes!!!!!! The 100 activity points is a new addition to us and is beneficial in any other way. If I may suggest you dont remove it and just polish it, Like using other resources to get the said item example crystals, altruism medals, faction medals, honor medals etc and increase the cap to maybe 150 activity points to people would be more incline to do other things. +1 for this
  7. Maybe what he meant was us buying LoD to get leaves which is technically correct way of farming them but for f2p players getting your hands on LoD is easier said than done some will use gold to buy crystals or materials to get LoD so better buy the leaves itself which is theoretically correct way of farming them.
  8. To be honest, I don't mind the 5 leaves for Tier III because its the most passive stat we can have and 5 leaves is easy to get around 100-150k gold you can have that. I'm at tier III 6/30 with +41 attack +41 def and 3% crit with piercing stat and that's heck of buff given to me just by doing the star circle. Thats the easiest stat gain you can have in a short amount of time and I truly believe that star circle system will buff us exponentially when time comes that roar, flourish and agi star circle comes. But yes I agree that at tier III 5 leaves is ridiculous, I wouldn't mind that at tier IV but with 5 leaves at tier III then what more for tier IV, V, VI, VII.
  9. @Piet You get both simultaneously when you top-up.
  10. Like the famous line “Prevention is better than cure” People might find ways to fix the quest bug/glitch or what you may call it but we will never see something like that being told by devs because at their end its better to know the root cause and fix it rather than attempting to replicate a fixed solution.
  11. @Esrun the topic was about heroic dungeon not heroic team raid dungeon.
  12. Have some dignity guys geez. Your greedyness towards the game knows no bounds. What? Next time you will want fort 10 or 5 man? I hope netease fix this that scales thru gs not just because we got strong we want less people inside for benifit of the few. Next time someone will post here requesting blood of titanus drop on heroic dung
  13. If you quit stop commenting here because everything you say here is irrelevant.
  14. @Indecent No problem man and if my memories are correct the 3/3 gorg set was 10% or 15% increase in crit thats why its my go too equipment but now 5% isn't that much. If you have chance get armillarion set haha
  15. @Indecent Reason why we make crit a base line of above 50% because heroic bosses have 10-15% crit resistance making our crit chance below 40% which is not that high plus bosses have parry and dodge chance. For the Gorghana, Its not that viable anymore because they changed the 3/3 set to 5% which is very low. Adding 15% crit to your stat is not reliable in any way unless you have huge base damage that needs crit. Better of getting plague/ghast/armi set than gorghana.