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  1. @Primaeva we normally use this formation on the 10 circles 0 0 0 The 3 persons asign in the front row will be warriors/ healers/ melee 0 0 0 0 middle row will be all the mages/rangers 0 0 0 last row is all the rangers/ veteran rangers in pulrik Now in the first row we make sure all the melee class will be upfront will other class especially rangers at the back. Take note that rangers can roll their way to their circle and if they somehow light up or activated one of the circles not assigned to them just enter and re enter. For the last row I all veteran rangers in pulrik will be assigned because they know their part in the circle and going in the back without running a full circle or stepping others circle is really hard. Hope this helps you man.
  2. If the boss is behind the stairs (portal) when he used anvil drop you will be thrown near the bridge and if you ran towards the middle 50% chance you can go either left or right. Now for the indication, there will be one big white circle before the 10 circle of angels come. Yes its a working process because we managed to kill it many times but we cant breeze right thru-it at first try. Our best is the 2nd try then we can kill it. I suggest you make a formation on which 10 persons are supposed to step on it/ or are a sign to a single circle. Works every time but still needs practice, we managed to help out 30-50% of our guildmates to finish Pulrik so you can do it too. ps: AU server
  3. The icon next to pendant is Hair pin while next one is treasure. You can check it out on forge page, and theres no way yet to obtain them.
  4. Guys I think what the starblade lacks is a little more uhff in the game, Ideally they made the scout single target oriented that can burst out damage and is really reliable. As I can see things our 5th skill should'nt be that spammable just like other classes 5th skill and it really destroys our rotation. I would sugget the following for our starblade; 1. Make it have like a armor debuff/armor penetration that stacks for 5-10s for a maximum of 50% armor debuff as well as having complete cooldown chance when skills or auto crits. 2. Have it like a damage amplifier that increases all succeeding damage for 3-7s for #1 my thoughts was, you made scout path just like any other paths single focus damage oriented so having their starblade with debuff on armor will be our bread n butter/cherry on top/nutella on spoon hahaha. #2 it totally helps on our rotation/ lets say we open up with starblade, razor, relentless, war cry, blessed. With this it can really help us think outside the box on how to use the starblade properly and not spam it all day. This ate my thoughts on scout @RedPanda
  5. Its not that selfish given the fact that they work and thats the only time they are available and somehow help people to compensate that. True dat, its not bad making new characters or account but it deprives people from joing good guilds because of too many alts that doesnt contribute in the overall gameplay of the guild.
  6. I can see your frustration about the current policy and ways on how guild battles and pvp goes. But also take note, people choose which guild they like to join, and eventually they stay or leave depending on the environment. Some people may stay for the benefit of what the guild can give you while others may leave because it doesn't suit them. So to answer your question about a guild keeps on winning and others eventually quitting is not the developers problem but the players problem. Some may see it as a challenge or a mountain to climb and you might see it as the latter. What I'm trying to say is build a guild environment where everyone benefits on it. I'm a member of one of the biggest guild in the server and the strongest (For now). Yes I said for now because eventually people may take over our spot and we are cool about that. For the environment we always make sure we follow the schedule, Everyday after a certain event we will do ruler boss/ world boss and help out guildies quest/request. While later in the evening when core members are online we help or some help them conquer dungeon like sky blaze and ash fort LB. I as a member can see the frustration of people when they are not included on the dung runs etc. but there's no one to blame because dungeon runs are made for 10-40 man only and if you have a guild that always has 80+ online we cant help them all. When we help people, they tend to quit after a wipe or two and its not our problem it's there's. A perfect example of this is guild event, the 5v5 and 40v40 battle is a good way to interact with other guilds. What I don't like about it is it only limits us to 4 5v5 battles and that's 20 person while 3 40v40 and that's 120 person over all. If you are a guild of 250 person the event is not enough, lucky for our guild we struggle really hard for 3 40v40 because we can only have 100+ persons and we sacrifice one flag for it. Yes some guilds out smarted us because we tend to distribute our forces but still we manage to win but overall its a close fight. Lastly I agree on you on your last statement, I hope they make something where power base/rating base or another PVP option is introduce and the current pvp are balance so everyone can enjoy the game as it is. Also hope they make tournaments where PVE is introduced, like fastest kill or what I don't know to keep the game fresh.
  7. What offerings would you think the RNG Gods prefer ?
  8. I was just wondering, will there be upcoming events in the near future? I was hoping for like what you did in AU server giving prices for the top 10 and such. I hope AU server or your soft launch server will get the same love as other servers competing for the $400,000 raid. Not in the same extent but same as server/server battle/time rewards. Hoping for a positive feedback @RedPanda
  9. @Anonymous69 Bro 1k gold each for you is cheap?? buying 100 stone will cost 100k gold and you can only use them for 20 recast for high end equipment.. You must be swimming in money or something. Don't go trolling here because it makes sense and is beneficial to all of us if they implement this.
  10. Its the amount in $ value or what ever your currency is. It never was intended for the amount of crystal and it was corrected/explained patches ago.
  11. Well CN server doesnt use ghast or plague but still they hit like 15-30k dps in chart. Just use what you got and eventually ghast and plague will be outdated and that extra kick they produce will have nothing in compare too legendary/deity set.
  12. @Khronk Apollo here is correct, You can only do 2 reputation quest a day. Once you done either wine expedition/teach the greedy or prep quest/strange quest or what ever you like the other ones will not yield anymore xp. Exemption for that is trial quest, Q&A.
  13. Lol guys be patient enough to wait until maintenance is over. Maintenance is long= people complain Maintenance too fast but many bugs= people complain Geez just sit down and drink coffee or what let them do their job. For the compensation, we had countless of demon invasion that were in between maintenance so just move on with it.
  14. Just a tip, save your rune stones I'm telling you at rune level 40+ you need more than you can have/provide
  15. just like @Hammer said always go to the shining ores as they will have a chance on getting legendary crystal. Though I suggest getting the opponents shining crystal if you are in purple side get the blue vice versa because it yields a higher chance on getting legendary in my experience.