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  1. I dont know about you guys but I can make around 80k-150k gold a week. I suggest you use *coagh multiple accounts *coagh. Any character can earn around 1k-15k gold minimum a day plus it depends on what you focus more. I collect gold and buy LoD to use because $20 with LoD and 200+ crystals is a good deal. For the gold use I suggest you collect around 400k+ and that would take you a month or less depending on luck (gold chest proc 10k) and you start buying the essentials. If you want to focus more on gems you turn all your gold to silver and buy loads of lvl 20/30/40 blue gems. For the grinder I suggest let the other toon buy it and sell for less in AH for your main. I use 3 toons including my main and 100k a week is fine especially if you can get legendary gears every month/other month depending on LoD
  2. Actually I am @Kernael good to know you already sorted things out. I didn't specifically blamed you on doing dupe of gems, that's why I said you can be banned, not hoping.. though I want to know more on the truth side because if you got banned needless to say even for accidents or bugs as you may call it they will punish us. And I'm not the GS guy also, I focus more on stat's rather than making my GS high, and I saw one of your weapons the Holy bow and you have +18 if I can remember that will also increase your GS. Thats why I'm asking if your GS was high because of gems.
  3. @Kernael Sad to say you can be or will be ban the following days, Not to be the bad guy but never saw your name on top 10 overall strength in ranger/and over all yet now you got 1st place? Too top that your name doesn't even exist on the 13 equipment's top 100?? How the hell you got the extra GS? Gems/Duping maybe? And you sincerely admitted that it's okay for you to get banned so you did something. I'm almost getting my 3rd Diamond gem and that won't even make my GS sky rocket 26k (I'm 24.5k gs). And if you are so brave why not take a screenshot of your equipment? Just to be sure because @XpForever both himself and accusations from him has no proof. For the sake of argument so no one can/will talk $hit about you and tell false allegation.
  4. So far your account is banned not because they banned you mistakenly but they banned you because they saw suspicious activities occurring in this case duping gems. I've been doing the same thing buying level 20 green and blue and lvl 30 greens and blue's during the said "Duping of gems" time yet they didn't banned me. Made 1 lvl 20 fireworks and 1 lvl 20 for HP. And now close to make one lvl 30 fireworks but still my account is active and not yet banned. I want your account to be returned but only a handful or even less has this problem and others that are banned admitted it. There are no other said issues so it kinda makes some suspicions.
  5. I don't get why people complaining about crappy craft, its an MMORPG and RNG will surely play a part. They wouldn't want everyone to get legendary in few tries or even 500 tries. They said that there's a "chance" to get legendary and yet you guys complaining, of course they will limit certain legendary to pop every now and then. Take this scenario, 100 people crafted 1000 tunic today and you believed that 100 people will get legendary's because they crafted more than they should have? Or better yet 10,000 people crafted 10,000 tunic/weapon.. do you still believe there will be a so called "uniqueness" in getting legendary?
  6. I hope you get your account fix but so far netease banned almost all that duped the gems and I may not have proof or what, you may not even have proof but if they banned you means to say is that you duped gems. May not be on a larger scale but they wouldn't banned anyone who didn't. Just saying..