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  1. I'm thinking if I can play on my own server (NA server) that will help with the lag. Had an email this morning from support claiming that it was my internet connection lol, but I also play Lineage 2 as well with zero issues it's very smooth. I have a very fast connection, new device, fully updated so it's more to do with an in game technical issue which I'm hoping will be resolved soon.
  2. @RedPanda The lag over the past few days on my game has been very frustrating. I've messaged support several times but the bugs and lag still have not been addressed. Especially frustrating during more serious team raids when no one is moving and your skills won't go off. Before a few days ago everything was running smoothly, but now I feel discouraged to even build my ranger if I can't be successful in a raid due to lag.
  3. The comments bahahaha. 😂 Anyway I sure hope Col never goes in that direction.
  4. I'm thinking you're right about that Sai.. @Arok Excellent idea for starblade I hope they do something like that in the future..
  5. My guildie just informed me that he translated mat requirement for identifying legend on CN server and the materials needed have been drastically reduced. Hoping they will consider doing the same on AU and Global server as well. Reduced identify cost on CN server to 5iron, 5scale and 20stones. More realistic expectations to identify especially considering feather exchange is quite costly, and this would be very encouraging to F2p players as well.
  6. @RedPanda sounds good. thank you!
  7. @CFunky I sure hope so. They also increased damage for the star blade volley which renders half of the scout tree useless. Digressing back to the mat reduction for legends they refunded RSS so anyone that has already identified won't feel cheated. AU and global server should have the same opportunities as CN or another option for those who spend would be a really nice package on special that includes legend mats such as scales and cast iron. I'm not a big spender by any means but I would invest in something like that..
  8. That's true the vanities are an indicator of a p2w game with wings and other flashy advertisements popping up on the screen every 5 minutes. That could get rather annoying when you're in a raid or something else where you need to focus. Really like the feel of Col because it's not like that at all and I'm actually quite happy with the way it is already was just bored and felt like nit picking. hahaha
  9. Col is easily one of the best mobile apps I've ever played and I've played a lot. That being said I wouldn't mind seeing vanities so we can customize our class as many others have mentioned before, and events that have accessories/gear which can only be obtained from those specific events.
  10. Thanks guys. I've heard from a couple players it can be any legend gear but just wanted to confirm this from a few more players. Would be pretty infuriating to dismantle the legend Mage sash I have only to find it's useless for feeding a legend weapon. That would be 500k + gold down the drain..
  11. It sure would be convenient to have an extra tab made in trade for exchanging legendary blueprints if we end up with something other than our class from opening a light of dawn. Just a thought..
  12. I have an alt but no time for it because this game already takes up much of my time as it is. On another note, just need to double check on something. If a player has a legendary weapon and they need to upgrade it with legendary essence from dismantled legend can it be from any legend piece from any class or does it have to be from another legend weapon? Lastly, where is a good place to find the notes on upgrading legend gear? Are they somewhere on this forum and maybe I missed them?
  13. Yeah class specific drops from light of dawn would be nice, and would give the players more options. Can sell, equip, or dismantle to feed legend weapon.
  14. Oh damn I forgot about that. Gonna take it off auction once maintenance is finished haha. Happy I posted this thanks myths
  15. I agree completely the packages are great and will help tremendously with the mats required to identify legend. It's also true that I can see them not wanting everyone suited up in legend so quickly and of course they need to make money as well. It was just a thought..
  16. Very true, but this would be especially relevant to when global is launched if you have spenders at the beginning of the game that buy light of dawns and end up with legend blueprints that are of another class it's highly unlikely that they will be able to sell them for a few months once other players have had the opportunity to accumulate some gold. Today I ended up with a Mage sash and would prefer the legend sash bp for ranger over the gold (if it sells). Maybe others that have come across a similar situation feel the same way idk..
  17. I'm really trying to find someone to help me. My account was banned this morning for having "unusual gems". My equipment score is only a low 25k and I have 3 nice epic hp gems I purchased from Goblin merchant the other day. In 2 months I created and have only one patk lvl 20 diamond on my gear and polished 1 level 30 epic patk last night. I have no sparkling nothing else nice like that on my gear or in my inventory so how is it possible I got banned? Really hoping there is someone here to help me with this and go over my recent purchase history to see that I bought crystals and sold them for gold then exchanged for silver to help with minor gems and also 3 epic hp gems from merchant. Very upset by this and was really looking forward to playing on global but feeling discouraged from doing so now.
  18. Thank you! Haven't heard back from Jelousy yet but I'm sure he's ecstatic 😂 Nice to have such supportive players in this game lmao
  19. Theyunbanned mine as well. I told you I was telling the truth..
  20. I have been asking support for days now to please send me screenshots of my gear and inventory (because I can't do it myself locked out) or evidence of duping which isn't there so I can atleast clear my name. Not interested in playing anymore because I'm too far behind and I don't feel comfortable with them being able to ban me without providing evidence or ban me first investigate later which is what is happening because I am still under investigation. With my 25k gear score it makes no sense that I could be duplicating gems. The week before my gs was 24.5k and under so no big jumps just some rerolling of gear and 3 nice Hp epic gem purchases from specials.
  21. @JeLOUSY really hoping they unban my account not because I want to grind my ass off again only to get potentially banned again for a system flaw, but because I want you to choke on your words.