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  1. Really great suggestions and this would make up for the scouts lack of having a piercing spec.
  2. MysticPlayer who also commented recently has created his alt account only yesterday as well. I can't take seriously anything these cowards have said in my post none of it being constructive or even on topic either.
  3. @Arok Yeah I agree and that's exactly what I've been trying to do to counterbalance the nerf to scout and buffs to an already very broken op magellena path by increasing my stats, gems, runes, and by acquiring more gear sets which I'm currently sitting on 5 with very high skill levels as well. Something I just noticed about Ogun is that this mystic fanboy just created his alt account yesterday. This is the only post he's ever commented on and you can scream all you want that mages aren't op but this is a blatant lie. Even the mages know it's true and the shepards and tanks comment on this all the time how this path is broken so Im not alone in my observations, and only mages will tell you otherwise trying to appear weak in order to maintain their unjustified buffs. Ogun please stop being a coward and post under your real Ign..
  4. Not constructive criticism guys you need to calm down. I have loads of screenshots to provide to support concerning some of the things discussed here, and I've already sent several concerning my dps decrease which has been resolved. I don't have to justify myself to other players it's unnecessary because that's not how changes come about. Messaging support and providing them with screenshots is much more productive than arguing with mystic fan boys on the forums which I consider to be counterproductive.
  5. remove nerf from ranger, drastically increase our dps, and give us life steal for higher survivability. make scout path to where players will want to reroll from mystic to scout haha. make players that gave up on scout to take the easy route regret it..
  6. Heavy damage #1 Life Steal #2 Stun #3 But ideally heavy damage and Life steal for higher survivability we are entirely too squishy and have to depend entirely too much on other classes. I understand that scout is pretty much a solo class but the life steal would help tremendously. Higher survivability and serious dmg dealers that's what I want for scout..
  7. Starblade volley needs a stun on it, no cooldown, possibly could add lifesteal to it and heavy dmg. Razor, relentless, or even both need serious dmg increase as well. Scouts are best at dealing damage but as of now I feel they are very weak/squishy and need some serious upgrades not just to starblade but to other valuable skills as well. These are just quick suggestions as I don't have the time to write anything lengthy at this moment.
  8. Unfortunately, I would have to agree but Im the stubborn type and refuse to give up on my scout by rerolling to mage like so many others have done. It's true that now we have to work ten times harder to keep up, but this will only make us better players in the long run because we've learned to adapt, rely on skill/creative solutions to increasing our dps, and will have increased knowledge of the game that we can use to our advantage, rather than just depend on buffs to make us better which is the lazy way and actually harms the players growth rather than helps them.
  9. If not intentionally it was "conveniently" left out and any changes that may potentially harm another class I'm sure the players would appreciate having knowledge of and I myself would like to see more transparency from your team.
  10. Hahhaha wow well said my friend +1
  11. A secret plan to do something harmful is pretty much the definition of a conspiracy and that's exactly what the devs have done. They intentionally left out critical information from the patch notes regarding even more buffs to the magellena class while at the same time secretly nerfing scout skills. Stop doing these things, listen to your player base, fly straight, and I won't have to visit these forums.
  12. Thank you for your honesty Potca and many mystics like to downplay how powerful they are but the other paths and classes know the truth. Aside from all that it's not my intention to cry about how op magellenas are I'm looking at it from another perspective and that's trying to milk the players that got nerfed dry to get them to try and keep up by spending while at the same time secretely buffing their opposing class to keep them spending as well. This is wrong on so many levels..
  13. @HiddenAgenda Just quickly wanted to say that if you want goblin merchant to go away just click on him and then X it out. Next click on the small red tab titled notice and it should go away. That's what I do anyway..
  14. @Balance I would have to agree that these nerfs and buffs have been intentionally hidden from us to make the buffed op class even stronger which pushes them to spend more while at the same time it forces the scouts to spend to try and keep up with them. I refuse to play this little game netease is playing with us and I'm not spending anymore because this will only encourage them to continue with their deceptive practices.
  15. I've noticed today that my dps is close to being back to where it should be after all the upgrades I've done. I'm going to continue screenshotting all raids, lords, etc to ensure that it's where it needs to be and that no ninja nerfs and foul play is going on in this game.