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  1. Lulz. Yeah gift boxes need some reworking and a solution mentioned in another post would be rewarding us all after beach event. The invisible guy has been stalking me for over a month 😒
  2. Nah I like it how it is just add the bracelet and boots to feather exchange shop and gtg..
  3. No please allow me to put it into perspective for you. Your second point emphasizes the P2w players and how they can just acquire anything they want and yes this is true, but something you're not quite grasping is that all 6 players on my server with the frost bracelet are extreme p2w players not one of them is F2p. NOT ONE. These items were acquired either by spending on Charming Chests or by purchasing for millions of gold in AH from let's say F2p players that got lucky yet the bracelets or boots weren't of the same class because they aren't class specific. Now I don't know about you but I don't have 1-2 mil gold stashed away to straight up buy one of these rare items so for the vast majority of players be they "F2p" or "P2w" I think they also might like the option to have these items available for feather exchange rather than only 5-6 exclusive players having access to items like this. Reverting back to your first point I just want to stress that just because these items could potentially be available from feather exchange doesn't render them less exceptional, and of course they will still only be owned by a few players on the server.
  4. My only issue is I want to puke everytime I enter fort hero after the countless hours spent on that raid. Maybe Netease will be generous enough to reward all those that participated with frost bracelets lul Please send it to Ign Entropy 😂
  5. I'm from Immortals and just want to say again grz on your win! The strategies used were by far more superior I agree and I'm also impressed that it was achieved with significantly less dps. GG
  6. The frost bracelet and legendary boots are very hard to come by in Ah because they are so rare. As it stands now there are only a few players that have these items and unfortunately we don't all have rng on our side so I hope to see these two items in particular available to all players in the future via feather exchange shop.
  7. Everything seems fine and back to normal again. Thanks for fixing the issues
  8. @IceManWell said 100% agree. If it's not fixed asap there will be a very strong case for many to refund not to mention netease reputation will be fking roasted. It's gonna piss a lot of players off by extending the competition or even conveniently terminating it due to "hackers". We see through that nonsense and you could've been less conspicuous about it it's fking obvious what has happened here.
  9. I'm not buying "it was hackers" haha
  10. How interesting that they wouldn't close the servers down for an emergency maintenece to address this issue unless this bug was purely intentional.
  11. I've been playing this game since day 1 of au soft launch and have never seen an issue like this before in game. I mean the timing of it couldnt be more perfect to where they can actually terminate the 400k competition over this supposed "bug".
  12. Now isn't it convenient that this bug happens on the last day of 40k competition?
  13. @Agoraphobia I can assure you the prices for feather exchange are still the same as what I spent a couple months ago for my holy gear. That being said, I completely understand your frustration with the phantom changes, ninja nerfs etc and I hope that in the future updates there will be more transparency in the patch notes for changes that may drastically alter a players abilities. Ofc Netease has the right to withdraw this information from us, but I would honestly hope not because they would lose trust in their player base and anything affecting a player who invests time, money effort, etc should be included in the patch notes imo..
  14. @RedPandaTbh I think that it was an honest mistake on his part because he doesn't really come off as that type, but yes Netease you need to start investigating and cracking down on refunders. It doesn't matter that you deduct their crystals this isn't teaching them anything at all and they will continue making the servers completely unfair. How the fck are we supposed to keep up with players that have thousands of dollars in refunds to buy fraudulent gear, gems, etc? Strip the gear and gems if you don't want to ban them and just freezing their crystals temporarily is a slap on the wrist. This is a great game and I don't want to see it go to sht because players are taking advantage of it by crying for refunds because they want to get ahead but can't spend the money so refund or something didn't go their way so they cry to itunes about it. Bs
  15. @Agoraphobia I just checked the feather prices but they are the same as they have always been on my server. 20 for cape and pauldrons, 40 for weapon, and 30 for tunic, gloves, quiver, etc. Maybe your server has different prices now from ours idk