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  1. I understand the point made. You maybe missing mine. This game we were told is trying to restrict the pay 2 win elements. Sure you can blow 5grand and buy yourself all the fancy stuff or you can wait an try your luck crafting. Giving a higher stat boost to bought items makes a paywall. An so far this game has avoided that. People won't play if they out matched by somone with a bigger wallet. It's fact have seen it many times befor.
  2. Why should there be a difference between LOD legends and crafted ones. In some cases it costs just as much to craft a legend as it does to buy one. You can also get the relics to try an Aquire LOD Legos.. As for sets I ask again why not make it equual . Giving a stat boost to LOD Legos over crafted imo is not a good idea.
  3. You don't need legendaries to have high power. An realistically having a high score doesn't mean much either. Rolling your classes stats are more benifit to you then having a score like 50k or somthing. Befor I had forged some legendaries I was at 40k after 43k but as I said your characters score means nothing if your a ranger with warrior stats rolled. Sets are fine imo plague malum an ghast are great. Devine gear I don't honestly rate that highly. That's up to the player themselves though
  4. @Esrun considering you can make 4-6million silver a day then yes there fools. It takes me 3-4days to make a sparkling diamond without using gold. And no there is still no advantage because you can still buy crystals via trade. Meaning you can still buy those boxes. Granted the paying players makes the gold. But gold is still fairly easy to make at 2-4K per day. Aswell as selling things via trade. I'm sure there is also a limit to how many boxes you can buy per day.
  5. Imo a p2w game offers players to buy gear etc directly from a shop. This game does not offer that. It doesn't give you items that boost your stats by 100% and every single item in this game can be obtained by f2p. And people saying what about the LOD u can buy. Everyone knows that's a trap. You have a marginal chance to get a class legendary. But it may not be for your class. So realistically there's not real benifit unless you love to gamble. Crystals can be bought Ingame via trade. And no only fools convert there gold into silver so that's not an advantage. There's an unvoiced rule about skyblaze aswell. Don't go in there broke. In other words save your gold. Raid peices ppl buy via gold can be obtained now using courage medals so no people that pay money have no real advantage over people that don't. I also thank the players that spend money on these games without them we wouldn't be playing this. And yes I have spent money here an will continue to do so. I support games I like
  6. A stat locking feature Is very common in mmos, and somthing I think the dev team of COL should look into. Although having to use more stones to lock that feature would be flawed as actually getting stones is a little harder. Legendaries and I'm sure devines use 5 stones per reroll. Using 10000 silver or gold 100 gold would be more benificial imo. @RedPanda
  7. Got to admit doing what's meant to be the endgame content an getting a manaflame peice is kinda annoying.... But eh. Arok should get a nerf anyways hehehe
  8. I think it's fair to ask questions regarding changes made to the game. There's nothing wrong in wanting to know what's new and what's changed.
  9. @Nightlight i have partied with xp befor and her dps is extremely good. For a Mage to now be out dpsing her is a huge increase. I agree that mages needed a buff but I will say in some cases this buff was to much. 2 skills to kill a warrior in pvp. That's imbalance. Though this is speaking only from a pvp point of view. This game is about stats and gear not player skill. Aside from dodging boss skills etc.
  10. If I keep failing at crafting a decent weapon Valkyrie is going to be less one member. NetEase your crafting system sucks. 550k gold wasted with nothing to show for it. Good way to demotivate players. Don't even feel like logging in now. Ggwp
  11. Did heroic dire last night 1hr later numerous wipes 10 different ppl an a bit of frustration an the rewards waaaaaas. a B class blue vambrace omgmuchwowmanyamaze. the loot system in this game is pathetic. Ppl spending raids afk get epics the first person dead in raids get epics. The healers saving everyone get nothing the dps who try there hardest get nothing. But hey we all love to spend a few hrs to get nothing right? Welcome to an mmo though. This is the worst part about mmos the *chance* factor in raids
  12. @SinBaD when the gear requirment is far beyond possible without paying a lot of $$$ then yes people have a right to express there frustrations. There has never been an mmorpg that I have played that makes it *rng* to craft legendary gear. They provide u with a way to craft it by gathering materials. Then you craft it. The issue people are posting about is not that they can't get legendaries on there first try of crafting it's that they can't get it still after 50-500 attempts. If that is truely the chance of crafting legendary equipment then I don't blame ppl for venting. To get enough gold to buy leaves at the current cost 40 x15-20k and you earn say 2-3k per day. 680k gold just to buy leaves. For one peice of legendary gear.
  13. The crafting system in game is still broken, they said they increased the odds of getting better items yet time an time again I hear about ppl wasting thousands or in your case hundreds of thousands of gold only to get cr*p. I agree you should work for your legendary items. But when ppl feel there is little to no hope of getting these things they quit. This is somthing the devs should consider in future. Considering the endgame content requires legendary gear an it's almost impossible to craft the only other way is a few months worth of farming gold for feathers or the fabled paywall. For me paywall=quit game. I would like to feel like I'm progressing an not have to spend thousands of dollars to progress.
  14. Thanks arok we all work hard to support the guild an I appriciate everything u guys do for it. An thanks for the blueprint hehe. Might annoy you for it sometime. Go Valkyrie \o/
  15. It's just getting disheartening. The cost an grind only to continue to get c*ap. An yes I have heard a similar story. A guy I know first ever crafted weapon was a legendary he dies in every raid gets epics all the time while players I see actually really trying get blues it worse greens. I would love to know how this loot system works. Because as it is now it's pathetic. Maybe I should die in the first 10sec of a boss fight seems that's the best way to get epic items.