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  1. Where is the problem? They had said to do it on 28th. When the update will be installed it is 1.3. 2 o’clock GMT that is 28th 6pm PST
  2. Oh no.... please not....
  3. Where can I get the Lucky Tickets now. They are gone from the daily log-in.
  4. Thats very interesting, because I noticed it the first time today after the maintenance... And I've watched my character doing reputation quest already for long time. And every time I received exp from the first to the last moment and task...
  5. @RedPanda Is all what is said for the warrior also true for the Paladin class?
  6. Did you change the possibility to obtain all experience points of reputation quests? Now I can only do 2 quests and then it says no more experience could be obtained.