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  1. i opened maybe 20 or more of those, no legendary. I forge 700 tunics, no legendary. So i f***** give up on getting legendary
  2. with the update happening. I'll definitely stay at the AU server the update is so good that I'm waiting for goblin merchant to offer me something good lol
  3. @myths7k I chatted ELF for a refund since it's reasonable to get my extra materials back. This is a reasonable request for players who did the old identification cost.
  4. I kinda stop buying good goblin merchant promo's too. The fact that surgewind is not included in the 400k$ reward for 10M pre reg count means that they might not be marketing this server anymore. But glad to know that you're staying!
  5. I know most people will leaving the AU server once the global release is launch. As a busy person who love this game, I will probably stay since I can't grind anymore, I can't do more sleepless night just to get a legendary Holy Gold Longbow lol. Right now, I'm on a point where I just login to do dailies and hunt for the set I want which I have a little luck on getting. I hope Game Management can do something incase the population on this server declined so players can still continue play or maybe a server merge in the near future? But I hope that a number of decent player will stay Anyhow, Good luck on whatever your plan is after the global release!
  6. dude, you are one lucky guy! I envy your luck lol
  7. thanks for that info. I hope they can make legend essence available in some way.
  8. congrats on getting your account back. I hope they gave you some sort of compensation
  9. Just an updated guys, 578 forging tunic and still no legend. I do it by batch of 30 hahaha. I concede. I'll probably wait for an update where they can make this godly impossible rare materials available, I hope they can sell it via gold in trade market even for 200 to 300k each or by crystal, I don't care by which as long as it's available but I think luck on forging is not my side for this game. on a side note, I was able to increase my weapon's rating via recast from 848 to 946 so this kinda add motivation for my character.
  10. Sure. start with you gem, make them all epic and I'm sure that level 40 epic stone is enough to bring you to rating 30k, then recast to higher stats. I used recast to get AGI , crit or atk but if you don't care about stats building, you can get all unnecessary attributes and it will boost your rating as well. I lost around 1.5k rating after reacasting my equipment to AGI and CRIT. Next is you need a decent weapon, I have Holy Gold Longbow from LoE of eternity but my DPS still sucks and smelt seems to have a bug where 3 attempts all result to the same smelt out. So to sum up man, do gem 1st, make them all epic, recast your equipment to higher attributes then get a decent weapon plus upgrade your rune skills. I hope that helps @myths7k
  11. @SinBaD I regret having that +18 gem , I was a victim of Essantra's PROC explanation that there's a big chance on getting sparking diamond when you polish a diamond when he tried to justify where his gems are coming from. I actually have a +24 as well and both gems have Healing attributes which sucks ,. It ruined my plans on the game and took away hundreds of thousands of resources. But gladly, I'm catching up but my DPS still sucks even with those gems.
  12. @SinBaD btw bro just so you know, I reported this false alarm 2 minutes right after I thought there was a duplicate gem which end up that I removed the gem from my accessory. The ELF just replied and said there's nothing to worry about. There 4 people that I know who have better dps than me and they are not even in the top 20. RANK is nothing man, there is a thing called Stats building to focus on things you want and if I still have the resources, I rather have a better DPS.
  13. I'm happy to say that the epic gems are mine it turned out that it was from my accessory. I removed the wrong gem and thought it was an extra and panicked because of the DUP. I already got a reply from ELF and confirmed it so thanks for caring. I'm top 3 for 3 weeks bro. You can ask anyone that's doing everlush and chimera about me. Also, you got the wrong thing about rating, it's not about the equipment but it's about the extra stats that you get. I can get 30k rating no issues but it will mean that i need to sacrifice DPS. Bottomline, false alarm man what happened is I took a gem out of my accessory and thought that it was a duplicate gem. My guildmate pointed out that I lost huge amount of rating and was down to rank 2. Anyway, I'm confident again that I did nothing wrong and I hope you are happy for me. " And you sincerely admitted that it's okay for you to get banned so you did something" - dude, i'm not sure how's your day going but please, I'm a system admin by profession and in my line of work , there are things we call BUG , QA and DEV. There is a HUGE difference between reporting and exploiting a bug. I hope you get that since I really don't want to explain my side too much for a game which we all enjoy. Thanks man and have a nice day!
  14. Yup, guess what , I accepted the fact that my raid loot is always bad where i didn't even get excited when there's a heroic/team raid reset to hunt for whatever boss set. For me, It's a matter of game objective, like now my objective is to get my 1st legendary from forging after I quit hoping on getting my 1st manaflame/sailor set LOL. Also, think about that you need 500k of g's just to identify the leaf so no, it's not feasible and i love the update that they gave players a chance to get legendary from forging. but if you forge 500 tunics plus, you can get yourself a legendary cape already. I'm just frustrated when i posted this but as I have said, it is just a game and I'm good now lol.
  15. Sure ,and you aren't even reading. The dup was so easy and I won't repeat the process since it was flagged by @RedPanda as a bad info and I thought it was already fixed after abusers got banned. and if the dup was that easy and I'm sure someone out there have done it unintentionally too but some players see it as a way to increase their rating thus tends to exploit the bug. In my case, i don't care if i get banned but I reported this as a bug and should be address as a bug. A good company will removed the bug not the player especially if you unintentionally do it because it is a BUG. The gems are still in my bag and I haven't even move it an inch in my backpack. BTW : my rating was already at 27k 2 weeks ago it is on a slow pace increase because I keep forging level 30 BP for legendary BPs. I can get it to 32k but wait till i get my 1st legendary from forging level 30 BPs. I suggest you join IRONFIST and you will learn a lot proud to say that no one got banned from our guild. I might be the 1st though if there's no justice lol. Stop the hate man and treat this as a game.