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  1. On wednesdays it is fixed, quizzes go on up to roll dice. Rest of the days it isn't, when the event starts there would be a system message saying 'no one can roll the dice..' then there won't be any quiz at all. Question: 1. Did you guys implement this new mechanic that guild bonfire quiz will only be once a week? If yes, we didn't know so we thought this is bugged. 2. Do you guys even try to have someone log in to check the game from your team? I kinda observed that every problems/glitches/bug needs to be reported in order for it to be fixed, like 90% of the time. One example is the questionable high ratings of the banned players, you guys just notice it when people here in the forums reported about it, I wished that your team noticed it before any of us did.
  2. 5. Also organize in-game events? Like GMs would appear somewhere then start a game for cool prizes. 6. Update the auction prices. I mean, usually starting bids are low, then they go high if it is in demand, but here in CoL starting bid is very high that most people cant even bid like me.
  3. If I may, I have also some suggestions: 1. Please fix the road from whiterose village to everlush entrance, have to click on something on the map just to enter. 2. Put on display buff of tamer, some other buffs already have their display icons. 3. Change the friends system? I mean, it should be invite then accept, I don't want strangers to keep on inviting me to their teams, I mean they are sending invites CONSTANTLY, very irritating. 4. Give option to block players from chat and team invites. Players who use some channels as their personal chat rooms should be blocked. I don't want to read convos unrelated to the game.
  4. Guild bonfire quiz is fixed only on the day of maintenance, rest of the days it's not.
  5. The only thing why wolf is problematic in fort deso is if it goes into the red circle, which tamers can control by not using the skill when gorghana uses the red circle skill, only that thing, I don't know why people get too mad when they see the 'sniff sniff awoo' chat head, I mean just chill, get angry at the players who cant evade the red circle or who don't focus on orbs.
  6. Why nerf first bosses of those team raids? They're doable IMO. Nerf the last ones, working your a** out just to finish the last boss isn't even worth it, not for the loots, all for bragging rights.
  7. Elemental lords torture 1 and up also need dps, I haven't found a team that has a full pledge tank and shepherd, I'm a tamer and whenever I'm on a team they auto-kick who aren't built dps type, which is kinda unfair so they settle for hard 3 and below. Hope devs come up with a new way to balance this one out.
  8. All valid points, just that I prefer the patch to be like: 1. First boss maintain difficulty ( doesn't really need nerfing, I mean seriously I finished this when I was lvl 44) 2. Damage decrease 10% or HP decreased by 5% still won't be a walk in the park but it'll help.
  9. Doable in a sense that you don't need to check the rankings just to get the good set of players to finish lb, just need a good strategy, that's how I define 'doable'. I finished the last boss, I like that challenge too, but was it even worth it? Paid 500k silver for repairs and waiting for the right players to come in squad, just to get something that you can usually get from rep stores. Back to original statement, why nerf first boss and not the last boss?
  10. Why nerf the first bosses of those two team raids? It is already doable in the first place IMO. Second bosses are the ones needed some leashes. FYI done with 2nd boss here, just want to give opinion about the patch. Also, loots suck, not worth it to repair your equipment over and over and spend 500k silver just to get subpar loots.