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  1. Hi, just wondering if there's a limit of items from raid going into auction? I haven't seen our fire spirit from our chimeria heroic run last 2 weeks ago and I wonder if it just go to waste and will never show up in heroic raid? Now just thinking about how many players do their own heart runs, I imagine world auction has a very very long queue of items waiting to be sold in the back? I also would like to suggest to decrease or eliminate courage medals on auction, not sure if there are people still using these? Also would like the system to auto buy the things not sold in world auction like mounts, etc, for half the price of the starting bid, that way players still get compensated a little bit for their raid run.
  2. I hope it comes soon!! Getting tired of the usual stuff, not really a pvp type of player so I didn't get excited with the aldor thing.
  3. I hope it comes soon!! Getting tired of the usual stuff, not really a pvp type of player so I didn't get excited with the aldor thing.
  4. Larritus' quiver, event that gives free lucky ticket, event that gives masks, etc.
  5. I feel like a lot of supposed to be free things in the game aren't released, events like the champion trials is one yeah it was releassd but it was short? If you have observed some npc selling p2p stuffs with different currencies and I assume those currencies are from events which weren't released. Take summoners war for example, how did they get a lot of players playing their game for so long? They embraced both f2p and p2p players, they given some other means to get free legendary scrolls other than your credit card, though if you want 2 or more legendary scrolls then you really have to pay, my point is that they don't really need to make you pay them to be able to purchase p2p items, just play and grind all day.
  6. Any updates on this? Or if if there's no plan to fix this soon, can you please update your description in google play for this game to be incompatible with some android devices such as samsung s8 due to graphics issue? I can't understand how this is taking too long to resolve as this is a means of selling your game to android users.
  7. I dropped 9 ranks down from the overall strength leaderboards in just 2 days.. I really feel not playing anymore.
  8. Only lvl 30 bp bracelet, accessory, and earrings are possible to be legend at the moment.
  9. You're wasting your rally buff putting it on the middle of your rotation. Buff-crow-relent-rally-blessed-normal attk-repeat
  10. This is my rotation for pve, can't use this on pvp since it lacks disable.
  11. The only thing I like to suggest about tamers is the runes, we need wolf damage increase on wolves. It is hard to come up with a solid skill rotation for tamers since the only damage increase on ranger's rune is the crow which is not really a significant increase, though I still leveled up this rune coz my hands are tied, I need to include crow on my rotation.
  12. Also @RedPanda, issue with team raid namely sky blaze going to the first boss when reentering even though its cleared. We have to do boss 1-3 everytime.
  13. I'm also pretty sure that I only have rewards on 1st map event (ancient stone), didn't get any on 2nd map event (forbidden). Haven't tried battle for relics yet but it usually have rewards on 2 non battle map events daily.
  14. This also just happened to me, did scar plains first no problem, went to dire next 1st boss drops fine, 2nd boss didnt drop any, then 3rd raid got nothing. Though I think raid loots are modified right now to a point where it drops are x3?
  15. If we have this, I'll change my class from ranger to warrior, buy those cheap legendaries or bps in their market, forge and use them, then I'll go back being a ranger with full legendary equipments. At least in our server, warrior's expenses are half price compared to mystics and rangers.