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  1. P2p players in my server sell their crystals for gold, that's how they get their ratings skyrocket. In a sense, it's p2w. Tho I don't really mind, it's just that I'm still half way saving my az off to buy legendary bow and here they are getting their stats right on their 5th legendary equip..
  2. @Greyskull how many paths did you take? What's you shepherd level and magellana? The recent update takes into condideration the overall exp spent on paths. So if you have two paths, and then if you try to use potential potion, and then use the returned talent exp to upgrade just one path, if that path exceeds the server path level then you deserve the exp nerf.
  3. I think so too @Inzedius but since they opened the game for all devices, might as well optimized it on android too, give android some attention.
  4. I was using Samsung S6 edge plus when this game was released with only Aus server open and I had no problems with the display. When the new servers were released, I was seeing weird things like: 1. There are different boxes on top of a targeted npc on auto-quests. 2. There are multiple blurry boxes on ponds/rivers when my character is moving. 3. There's a red or green blanket of leaves on any targetable character. 4. Heals and buffs doesn't display well, I see shadows of path icons (tamer, scout, glad, fang, shep, etc) above the targeted character when a shepherd casts heal. I now upgraded to samsung s8, performance-wise I can now play on ultra, but I'm still encountering the same issue. I reported this in-game but it has been a month.
  5. I'm losing constantly to mystics now on 1on1 pvp. I've created a tamer on a new server, 29k rating 12k hp, 800 atk, 30% crit, 900/800 def. Lost to someone a bit lower rating than me like 28k, and also lost to someone with 27k rating. I will accepg if the match was close but half of their hp remaining?.. Im not sure what's the problem now? On first server, i had no problems dealing with mystics 1on1. I also like to point out about the spell penetration gems, why does p.atk damagers doesn't have piercing gems at the moment?
  6. You get double rewards on each of the first three raids. Yes no more 111.
  7. I read this without holding any breath. Too hard tbh.
  8. CoL things to improve: 1. Correct estimation of server down time.
  9. Thank you guys! I will be upgrading my phone then. 😁
  10. I just want to know if there are issues, and if gameplay is smooth. I'm using s6 edge plus, getting lag when I show above 10 players.
  11. First on your server.
  12. Your life skill level can't exceed with your character level, is your characted above level 35 now?
  13. Is there an assurance if the servers mentioned here will be even released? It's disappointing since we were waiting and then a day before the released we get such announcement.
  14. On wednesdays it is fixed, quizzes go on up to roll dice. Rest of the days it isn't, when the event starts there would be a system message saying 'no one can roll the dice..' then there won't be any quiz at all. Question: 1. Did you guys implement this new mechanic that guild bonfire quiz will only be once a week? If yes, we didn't know so we thought this is bugged. 2. Do you guys even try to have someone log in to check the game from your team? I kinda observed that every problems/glitches/bug needs to be reported in order for it to be fixed, like 90% of the time. One example is the questionable high ratings of the banned players, you guys just notice it when people here in the forums reported about it, I wished that your team noticed it before any of us did.
  15. 5. Also organize in-game events? Like GMs would appear somewhere then start a game for cool prizes. 6. Update the auction prices. I mean, usually starting bids are low, then they go high if it is in demand, but here in CoL starting bid is very high that most people cant even bid like me.