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  1. Mine has turned off.. I notice that there is a vibrate whenever I crash the game, then when I reopen the app my toon is still there logged in its as if I just minimized screen..
  2. It seems kinda salty if he values $150 that much but is able to buy all his toons 1 or 2 legend boxes each. IMO, if I can spend that much, this issue won't bug me since it's little value to me.
  3. Same, I think it's from the navigation bar (where the back and home buttons are). Update settings where you can hide it then swipe if you need it.
  4. How'd you get 7 legend path boxes while there were only 2 released?
  5. Can anybody confirm if wild spirit aka "wolf" lvl 80 has any significance on a tamer? Since it states on the skill that attributes are upgraded on lvl 80 of thr said skill.
  6. @thegreatestviz I don't know where you posted the suggestion on apk 3.0 for android but thank you so much! It fixed my graphics issue on the game! And I can now upload pictures on friend space ☺
  7. I asked in-game elf and they are only available thru forging lvl 30 bps - which you can only have a chance to get on a goblin merchant. So you have to be lucky to get the necklace bp and need uber lucky to forge one. Got an epic lvl 30 blueprint and a regular one but it wasn't my day.
  8. It will give anyone an edge for paying of course. I experienced being melted on battlefield by someone in our server who had already spent 12k dollars (saw her with gorgh mount) but that was months ago, she might be on 20k dollars now more or less. In our server, we best avoid being matched with a full group of known "p2w" players during fc and gc since it's a sure lose.
  9. I. Know. I. Am. Just. Making. A. Point. That the current availability of leaves in game other than buying it straight from AH is only through LOD which you get may get or never from various events.
  10. Yes, I really hope it's permanent. I'm not sure if people still buy stuffs in the regular item mall, but I don't. I use crystals only for lucky tickets, gift boxes, and now this new daily loot program which makes me anxious to what I'll get eaxh day.
  11. Item mall > Daily Loot
  12. Is this only for halloween event or is it permanent?
  13. Where do you get cotton? I only know leather, silk, and cloth.. silk drop so rare for me, and I think you can only loot it 4x a day? The other two drops lime 25x a day each for me.
  14. I accidentally removed blood thirst on my vambraces, so I rushed bought dragon scales just to get it back.. so far lost 250k gold, 150 faction medals and still no blood thirst