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  1. Class swap will never happen bro. Never.
  2. Thats a long way off for many people... Most people havent even cleared Core yet. Your average joe is probably still trying to down Baatimus or Pulrick HC (at least on my server). People will get bored before this I think.. but if what you write is true that would still be good news.... down the line...
  3. why not play Fang? I understand your choice.. difference for me is my pal is already a reroll that became a main
  4. Wow - Sorry but either you don't understand what I'm saying or you pretent you don't. My argument is that DPS paladins are dying. You reply to me saying that templars are OP. Thanks, we know that. Can I ask you what gear you have to output 40k dps as a path 50 templar ? I'm curious! Look at videos of the paladin tank called "Papa", he can pull out 40k sustained DPS but his gear is INSANE. What do you do if you don't like the tanking gameplay then if you have a paladin? A character that you bothered levelling up, gearing, and spending months farming to get a decent stuff? For HL raids, basically, you can reroll mystics or elem... Every class has a DPS path, a support path and something else (pvp or other). I'm saying the DPS path for paladin is shyte. It got nerfed somehow, it suffers from boss mechanics heavily and isn't good at all these days for hl raiding. I can tell you I struggle to get in a core group even with a 70k GS character... For dps, everyone prefers a mystics or a ranger than a pal. Fangs and tamers get spots very easily which is understandable. Even elems with 20k GS less than me output almost the same dps and will enter as assists. Class swap will never be implemented, so this is either rerolling or stopping the game... I'm probably not the only one in this situation. I'm not even asking for a DPS increase for paladins as long as Netease could work on something that would make DPS pals relevent to HL raiding, like a group buff or sthg (same as tamers or fangs for example).
  5. I still think they should... for me a MMO is defined by its PVE. Lords in an event; not a dungeon...
  6. I can see 1/ as a solution. I don’t see why you think it would be OP. At the moment you need much better gear and being a LOT more reactive to match the average mystic dpsing in a corner and off healing while at it ! Im not saying I want an easy class to play that’s why I like paladin dps but the damage output should be upped. In in order to avoid ppl crying in PVP, it’s the dps tree that needs a revamp. Leave the tank as it is imo, it’s good as is (and it’s the pvp spec) / then no one will cry... my 2 cents...
  7. Nope. I’ve been playing MMOs for a long time and I’m well aware of that. But if classes were a bit more balanced, devs would not have let dps pals and wars almost irrelevant for PVE raids in this game I guess? That was the point of my post. I don’t recall rogues being useless in dps in WoW for example? And no, don’t have the courage or the time to up another character like this paladin ...
  8. You have a link of the video of the guy doing 120k sustained ?! It must be an insane gear! Thanks for answers
  9. PVP yes - it’s the tank spec. Which is not the point of my topic which is purely PVE... I agree with you mystics are crazy right now... too bad for other classes out there... like us
  10. Hey guys, I recently found myself out of a guild following our guild's recent disband. I then started looking for a decent raiding guild to carry on with my PVE. I got a few rejections from the top guilds as they clearly don't care for dps paladins. "Are you tank?" "No, DPS" "OK, then sorry" is the type of answers I got during my research. I'm 71k GS with around 35k dps. I can see scouts and mystics with around 10k more dps at equal gear. They also don't suffer from boss mechanics where you need to move around a lot and sometimes have phases where you can barely DPS. Mystics can also offheal and provide supports whilst providing insane DPS which grants them a spot in a raid very easily. Fangs and tamers do also provide DPS and buff the raid considerably. A DPS pal doesn't provide this. It actually provides some healing but few players are actually aware of it or take it into consideration. From all the (recent) videos I watched, including chinese ones, you never see a pally in top 5 DPS. It's either scouts, mystics or elems. On my server, on the top 50 pals on the server, I believe 80% are tanks. I really have no motivation to "become" a tank just to grant myself a position in a guild or a raid. It's not my playstyle. I cannot resign myself to change character again, this paladin which was a reroll, became my main, I have 0 motivation to start all over again. I therefore ask you guys, especially the high end PVE players out there, if there are any DPS pals still alive and how they cope with it? I also want to ask Netease if they plan to do something for us in terms of being a bit more useful to a raid by either providing more DPS or providing some kind of buff/utility which would make us desired a bit more! It's not a whine post, it's a debate - if possible. Thanks for your answers and HF
  11. agreed. 100k min price should be implemented
  12. Hey Guys, Do you know of any website (where english is spoken) where we can get information about what's happening in the game in China? My only limited resource was Youtube; which seems to have less and less videos? I cannot find any forums. Nothing. Mostly looking for class evolution which will impact the global version later, or information on future raids, class balance, etc. Even on the global version, apart from this forum and the reddit one, there's not much going on. Unless I'm missing sthg? Thanks for your help, Cheers
  13. Destroyed by pallies.