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  1. agreed. 100k min price should be implemented
  2. I cannot agree more with OP. It's time consuming as it is and letting it autofollow afk for 45min is a waste of time. My suggestion: It's good to keep it as the "XP" generator and a kind of "obligation" to login in to have char XP but the amount of time to complete it should be more than halved. 10/15 min max to complete this should be a maximum. I never unserstood why Netease would keep something thats takes so long to complete but still leave the option to autofollow throughout... It's just a pain in the ass as it is........
  3. Hey Guys, Do you know of any website (where english is spoken) where we can get information about what's happening in the game in China? My only limited resource was Youtube; which seems to have less and less videos? I cannot find any forums. Nothing. Mostly looking for class evolution which will impact the global version later, or information on future raids, class balance, etc. Even on the global version, apart from this forum and the reddit one, there's not much going on. Unless I'm missing sthg? Thanks for your help, Cheers
  4. Destroyed by pallies.
  5. How idiotic is this reply? The chinese version is just the same game we play 8 months ahead of us. Since its still alive from the videos we see on youtube with new content (new raids and class) it means our game has a few days of life ahead of itself....
  6. For those interested, I finally got 4/4 pala of dawn, the difference is quite significant, i would say around 3k dps by going from 3/4 to 4/4. so ... quite nice.
  7. Not entirely sure it's dying. The chinese version seems pretty alive, with the contents, new raids a new class (elementals) ....
  8. Roll a paladin and stop whining.
  9. Hi guys whats the best sets for dps class? as a paladin I’m aiming for blood thirst, the L set 4/4 paladin of dawn (can anyone confirm if 4/4 makes a big difference?), armillarion, ghast. what do you guys think?
  10. Title. when is this going to be implemented ? Nothing more frustrating to try and find a group at the moment for mystica and lords. There should be be a difficulty to choose from for auto matchmaking .... Bring this easy QoL fix please
  11. +1 especially the Gilfy part !!
  12. Hey guys a few questions: 1/ what’s your new 10 skill rotation as DPS pally? Personally, I have kept the old rotation: Torah/Shield/Reigning/Covenant (Covenant comes earlier if judicator procs). Throw in divine, judgement and Pilar on CD. Normal attacks in between to have ghast proc. Not sure if someone has found anything much better ? 2/ Has anyone found guides on paladins Dps from the Japanese version by any chance? The game version is way ahead of the global version and I have seen from videos (search on YouTube for “Kothas Foundry Chinese”) that pallies become top damage dealers. I still haven’t explained why apart from “this class is cheated” but I already can see a lot of potential. I guess the 46 paladin skill - the cool down reduction skill (which I haven’t unlocked because of stupid Gilfy) plays a great role in unlocking further paladins dps. Maybe some paladins out there can confirm this ? Thanks for your answers and time to read to my post.
  13. Thanks for your reply mate. Maybe if were enough to complain here they will finally do something about it ?