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  1. go make another thread for merge FV and BP servers i'll support
  2. Well im very happy to see they changed thier mind.
  3. So, many of us have been wondering why nothing has ever been done about ppl abusing the game market and running many alts to farm gold, crystals and legendary gear. Well there you have it boys and girls, Netease official response to the community is "MAKE MOARRR ALTSSSSSS" for every alt u make u gonna get a free legendary at the end of the month! hurray! ohh you want more? np, refer 10 of those alts to your main charecter, farm some achivements points on them and in a matter of weeks u will get 2 sparkling diamonds, loads of silver/gold lucky tickets 5 legendary essence and more. still not convinced? no problem, buy a 3 month goblin membership and we will even throw in 5 lvl up potions so 5 of ur alts can hit lvl 55 insta! im sorry but this is no bug, its not a glitch, its not a mistake, its deliberatly rewarding ppl who are abusing the game and this is seriously the last straw for me. i give up officially on netease this has been the worst managment of game and community, i feel like netase has done all the wrong moves handling this game. im out of it as soon as i find something else half descent to play, this is a huge fuking joke.
  4. lol guys try be objective, i think the 2 most populated servers are fertile gorge main NA server and blazing plains main eu server.
  5. seems like the game is going to close down soon....
  6. they don't understand the data sctructure since they don't write it xD, all they do is translate the text.
  7. well i tend to agree, being the leader of the biggest guild on my server which does its absolute best to help all players as much as we can, killing 3-4 pulrik a and arunas a week to get as much guildies as we can. the game keeps pumping in non stop end game content, raid after raid after raid and now mystica and survival etc, for me as a guild leader its almost impossible to make any self progress when i can just berely complete all daily and weekly stuff. in previous games i've player you would have a month or 2 of cooldown between new content when u cleared everything possible gotten the cap on your gear and you can just chill out and help out new players in the guild. its not happening and its never going to happen in CoL as it seems now, so the game runs up into this massive never ending race where ppl who started late has little to no chance to ever catch up and the ones who started early never have a moment off to help others because its impossible to cap your own personal progress. so the community is bad, no one is helping no one and new players are always being left out, but i don't blame the human material, i blame the developers.
  8. thats a good idea actually +1
  9. its best to keep low rank at aldorr and lose on purpose, this way u match in seconds and u get ur weekly done for points, anything else is meaningless. btw what do u get if u dismantle the aldorr divine gear, the one that u buy for aldorr medals? u also get divine essence u can trade for legendary essence?
  10. what does a secondary way even means?!
  11. so ive been reading a lot about skill level, i wonder if anyone really has any idea, wtf happens with skill levels above lvl 50 (where it clearly sais in game the skill improve) do they get any improvement at all for being lvl 60/70/80 vs lvl 50? or should we not even bother and reforge the legend attribute to just get the best hp/atk/def etc?? its quite hard to test cos if i try to remove my skill lvl by 20 or so i will lose a lot of other stats and set masteries so i have no clean way of testing it except wasting 100 reforge stones reforging all gear to single skill test it and reforge back and im not that desperate yet.
  12. the biggest problem of aldorr coloseum is that nobody ever plays it, we have tens of thousands of players in all servers that can match each other but the only reason i see rn to go aldorr is for the 5 weekly wins after u get that there is nothing more to be gained from it rly. they need to add some items that ppl will want to get in the aldorr shop like the pvp star circles roar and swiftness, or idk gollen cast iron, something that will make it worthwhile and ppl will actually go que it for rewards.
  13. well ur assuming everyone is on voice or what? also some ppl not in my guild who are friends sometimes see me and don't kill me, if u just hide all names it will prevent most of it. not all the ganging is ppl on voice doing this on purpose, sometimes its just seein a friend u didn't even know is in que. if all names are hidden most of the issues will be solved