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  1. sounds like gladiator has some proc being activated when u take dmg and it counts as casting a spell so u get dismounted for trying to cast a spell.
  2. if you got less than 40% crit u don't have lvl 20 diamonds with crit, you should, they're cheap u make one every 3 days or so. you should have 40% crit at 30k gs already.
  3. lmao ghorgana, you must do doing awsome dps: 3/3 bloodthirst is best boost, after that 2/2 secret than comes 3/3 armi 2/2 plague your priority is all wrong viz
  4. in latest update mystics got a big spell crit damage buff with path spell, i think that makes spell crit be more effective for mystics than spell penetration. spell resist remove 40% of the dmg from a spell, but at path lvl 60 mage gets 30% more crit dmg so it more or less evens out. not to mention crit gives u better dmg anyway vs elemental lords since they don't parry untill ordeal level. and in normal team raids. for rangers i think accuracy and crit are more or less even in terms of dmg on heroic bosses
  5. u can just get randoms and kick em after ur inside i don't see the point. personally im really dissapointed that the game scales in sucha drastic way that raids which were challenging 2 month ago can now be soloed. in previous mmos some raids who were 2 years old were still challenging to play, its a big big issue with the game and must be handled some time, at any given time only the top raid is challenging and a week after first kill it becomes all too casual.
  6. U keep spamming this everywhere so ill comment once, netease didnt commit any fraud any player who potentialy lost any item he payed real money for got it back + extra. About devalueing items this happens ALL the time im games. Nee tiers of gear are added to game and items u pay fortune for became garbage. New level cap comes new raids. No fraud has been commited suk it up and move on
  7. @RedPanda, its been almost 3 month into the game we have a lot of battle history now, and we still keep matching the same 4 guilds over and over and over. This guild wars matching must be altered its redicules
  8. its written in the rules but seems like this feature isn't really working yet.
  9. @XpForever, NOW is the time to rant lmao! U till now mages had less dps than scouts now i actually agree that mages are stronger
  10. omg scroll down we had the excat same discussion on the next page
  11. the limit on normal bosses is 20, its really low and anoying. i thin the best solution is to decrease the respawn timer. if u have those bosses respawn every 15 min everyone can get a kill.
  12. im perfectly fine with less legends being availble with leafs, infact they should have only let you buy like 4 legendaries with leaf just to get the set bonus, and the others should have been very rare drops from raids.
  13. nope. those ranges are there for ring/pendant that drop from elemental lords, they depend on your path level, and go up to 70 same as max path level, it has nothing to do with armor/weapon parts.
  14. idk why u guys are doing your head in here.... if u take a large enough sample the averege atk power will inevitably be the mean (assuming u have flat distribution) if u increase the top end by 25% and lower the bottom 20% the mean will move up at 2.5% very simple thats all, this set would increase your dps by 2.5% if it was working on your current stats, but since it works on BASE stats which are like 1/4 of the total stats the set actually adds 0.75% dmg on averege
  15. lol thank you all for your opinions, but i wanted some official word from @RedPanda.