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  1. wow you better get off your drugs... ive been playing archer since au server and relentless mana cost was always 600 mp, perhaps you looked at the mana cost of the spell before it was lvl 40 so u decided they changed it. but since april the mana cost of lvl 40 relentless was 600 mana, and at lvl 45 its 675. i have no idea what double mana ur talking about anyway....
  2. lol yes it was 600, and so was force of will for mages, now its 675 on both relentless and force of will, i have an archer also im fully aware of the class.
  3. i can also quote u and copy what u said excatly, look: the set bonuses on the crafted legendaries are not as good
  4. and bigger shame when they lose in pvp to f2p players
  5. lol, the amount of crying in these forums over nonsense. who cares if the guild limit is 1000? get as many ppl as you are happy with. personally my guild has 200 members all fully active and happy, we kick anyone who doesn't participate or login for over a week and seems to be working well. just need a bounch of officers/leaders dedicated to make it work, u can't expect to auto accept anyone and have a jolly happy 200 man guild obviously, some screening needs to be done.
  6. so much worse how exactly? the stats are excatly the same on crafted and bought legendaries, the only difference is the set bonuses, while crafted can only have D0 the bought ones can have legendary set masteries, but you only need 4 of those. the next stage comes if u want to swap masteries, then u can't swap masteries for forged legendaries, but you have good enough set on them for at least 7 pieces.
  7. you're doing something very wrong, you get 1000 altruism medals a day, thats 10 stones for free every day, theres absolutly no need to spend gold on the forging stones... so there you have it, most of your gold expenses are now saved, stop crying and save for legendaries. i got 3 pieces of snowfall already and im f2p player on the new europe server. i got almost 2 mil gold by now using stamina and selling legendary essence and one legend sash i got,
  8. lol explain yourself, better how? they are 216 asses, legendaries goes beyond 300... even the 240 D3 sets aren't better than legendaries, and the set masteries can be transfered to legendary gear anyhow.
  9. i killed baatimus 4 times and didn't drop a single ghast set yet. keep getting manflame twisting sailor etc from this boss.... its really really anoying to fight those very hard boses and to end up with stuff i can get in dire galleon going on auto.... not to mention defeating pulrik and getting some sailor part....
  10. guys wow, just wow, this is unbelivable, this is like the 6th thread scouts are crying that relentless mana cost was increased as if it was an attempt to hurt scouts. ALL THE SKILLS LVL WAS INCREASED TO LVL 45 AND AS A RESULT ALL THE SPELLS MANA COSTS HAS INCREASED FOR ALL CLASS. ur all sure someone is hurting scouts intentionally and being paranoid.
  11. as i said u should start with a lvl 20 diamond and move to lvl 20 sparkling gems, then slowly upgrade to lvl 40 sparklings. no need to ever have lvl 40 diamonds which are so expensive to make.
  12. lol thats just plain wrong. i se all the averege mystics they ain't doing any stellar dps, pretty ****, ur comparing best mystics vs averege scouts and thats why ur getting a very wrong impression..... averege mage does averege dmg same as averege archer. maybe mages who seems to u like averege before mages were buffed are suddenly doing good dmg, but it only means they were good mages with bad class before, still the averege mages no can berely pull 4k/s while the good one reach 8k/s easy and so does the good scouts.
  13. wow, nerfed class? rangers dmg hasn't changed since australia server, only thing that changed is an attempt to increase starblade which i understand has failed. scouts are still the highest dps class in raids, the only thing that happen is that magellana whos dps was like half of the scouts was buffed to match them, and you're complaining.
  14. yep i agree, first thing any dps player in this game should do is mage 8 lvl 20 diamonds for the added crit value, lvl 20/30/40 diamonds all gives the same amount of added crit, i have few diamonds lvl 20 that give me 2-2.5% crit so making lvl 40 doesn't mean u will get more crit, only more matk. after u got 8 lvl 20 diamonds with crit its time to move on to the next phase, imo u should first get epic hp and def gems as dps, and then start saving for sparkling diamonds, again lvl 20, sparkling lvl 20 diamonds cost 12 shards and give 1% dmg and 1.6% crit, lvl 30 cost 24 shards give 1.5% dmg and 1.6% crit and the lvl 40s cost stellar 64 shards and give 2% dmg and 1.6% crit. so if ur looking at stats increase/shards the lvl 20 is defenetly the most profitable, now since the whole gem system is lossless, you can always dismantle a diamond or sparkling to get back the shards it cost to make it, starting with lvl 20 sparkling diamonds and slowly upgrading them to 30 and the to 40 when u can is the way to go.
  15. xpforever keeps whinning about her dps not being superior to magellanas, thats most of the whining i hear, mages being able to dps and heal at the same time happens in many mmorpgs out there, but mages using some healing skills to aid the teams will defenetly be outdpsed by scouts so... and 1v1 i don't wonna comment about, CoL is not ment to be played 1v1, its a team game, so idc if u can't kill mages in duel, no one cares. i've never seen 3 mages or 5 mages team take the first place in weekend pvp events its always at least one warrior and one archer in team, so please tell me how mages are so superior?