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  1. It’s time to get your Stream on! Whether you’re a livestreaming veteran or newbie, Omlet Arcade can help you share your real-time gaming sessions with fellow gamers everywhere! Simply download the Omlet Arcade app onto your mobile device and in minutes, you can be broadcasting your mad gaming skillz straight to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or the Omlet community. Watch the video guide linked below and then jump in and give it a try. If you decide to stream Eternal Arena, contact us at and we just might highlight it on our social channels! Please note: All Omlet features are supported for Android 5.0+, but iOS streaming is limited to certain games only due to Apple Developer restrictions (so check out the iOS ReplayKit inside the App for your options). Currently, players cannot stream Eternal Arena iOS version on Omlet. So what are you waiting for? Start your newest gaming habit -- mobile streaming through Omlet Arcade today! Video guide:
  2. It’s time to get your Stream on! Whether you’re a livestreaming veteran or newbie, Omlet Arcade can help you share your real-time gaming sessions with fellow gamers everywhere! Simply download the Omlet Arcade app onto your mobile device and in minutes, you can be broadcasting your mad gaming skillz straight to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or the Omlet community. Watch the video guide linked below and then jump in and give it a try. If you decide to stream Tome of the Sun, contact us at and we just might highlight it on our social channels! Please note: All Omlet features are supported for Android 5.0+, but iOS streaming is limited to certain games only due to Apple Developer restrictions (so check out the iOS ReplayKit inside the App for your options). Currently, players cannot stream Tome of the Sun iOS version on Omlet. So what are you waiting for? Start your newest gaming habit -- mobile streaming through Omlet Arcade today! Video guide:
  3. *Originally posted by Devastation Hi all! I decided to spice things up a bit by starting off with my first Advanced Guide. This one will be on the most rewarding and frustrating part of the game. No, not the treasure hunt, but forging. Getting forging materials can be tough and they can show up in some less than obvious locations, so my job is to tell you a few tips on maximizing your BP through forging! Let's forge on, then. Finding the right materials There are five total ingredients necessary for any and all forging: Coins, insight stones, Forging stones (Dragon, Royal, Rainbow), Produce, and Gear recipes. Coins, produce, and forging stones are easy enough to acquire through normal means. For their volume, though, Insight Stones and Gear recipes can be a lot tougher to get, but by adding to your stockpile consistently, getting enough can be much more manageable. Insight stones - Found in: Auriga Abyss, World Boss (Finishing and Damage Reward), Clan Pet Training, Hard dungeon rewards, and defeating Skylor (not raiding) in the Normal Graveyard level of Drake's Crag (little known fact). Tips: Hoard them like they are your life. They can also be used to get maps from Treasure Hunts and gear refining. Don't fall for it. Any insight stone used outside forging before level 70 is WASTED. They are important, but don't buy them in the ingot shop. You can get so much better for 120 ingots than a single medium insight stone. If you are planning on farming Medium Insight Stones, attack the World boss multiple times in a row. Medium insight stones begin to be rewarded for the cumulative damage bonus at the Soul Eater level, although it isn't guaranteed. Gear Recipes - Found in: Team dungeon, Hard Dungeon rewards Tips: Always pick the right team dungeon for the gear recipes that you are going to need next. Even if you can do "better" and get a better gift bag, it is the best option to get the extra 3-6 gear recipes a day. it adds up, especially since you need 160 Lv. 60 recipes to bring all your gear to Lv. 70. What to Upgrade? There's always a constant debate on how much the set bonus is worth compared to upgrading weapons. From personal experience, only break up a set by upgrading one at a time if it is going to give you an extra gem slot (ie. lv 70). Otherwise, it will probably be a loss of BP in the end. I also personally recommend forging the ones that require the least materials first, so, armed with some higher BP from those upgrades, upgrading the sets that require more resources will come at least a little bit easier. What about that whole refining thing? Kick it to the can until you're at least Lv. 73. Fun fact that's not so fun: refining stats RESET every time you forge your gear. Yeah, that upgrade rerolls your refining anyway, so you spent those forging materials on an upgrade that you nullify. Well, that about wraps it up for today! I hope it was eventful!
  4. *Originally posted by Ocho Hey folks,With today's update Eternal Arena we've introduced a new system where you can add another layer of power and customization to gear through Jewels. This is a topic we're very interested in your feedback about and would love to hear from you on what you like and don't like about the system.A few things to keep in mind: It's great to know if you like or dislike a specific aspect of the system, but the why is super important. The more you can tell us about why you like or dislike something, the easier it makes it for us to improve and create even better content in the future! We're all here because we love Eternal Arena, and that can often produce rather passionate posting. Passion is great, but it can sometimes lead to less productive behavior. We want to know the good and the bad, but please try and keep it on a productive level rather than sinking to insults or other negative behaviors. Understand that the Jewel system is not supposed to be mastered in a single afternoon. If your perspectives change over time as you get more experience with the system, please come back and post again with new insights! Thanks,Brotocol
  5. Have you looked at our Facebook post from today? We posted her skills and talents
  6. *Originally posted by FiveToTen Hello everyone, couldn't enter the full guide in here so I've uploaded it on Google documentsClick the link below and have fun!
  7. Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the balance issues in the game and are working on solutions to fix them
  8. This is awesome. Thank you for the detailed info. It really helps
  9. We have lots of new content planned for the coming months!
  10. @FearMyHero You're awesome!
  11. Great work! I think he's a great pet for mid support. He's a good backup
  12. @FearMyHero That is exactly what this section is for we can't post too far in advance, but we will definitely be using it to make announcements
  13. @FearMyHero Excited to see your content! How are those guides coming along?
  14. Hey @WilmaWankie, which topics do you think should be moved here?
  15. *Originally posted by Krakien123 Leveling a new hero is so easy. Swap lower level or new Heroes and use Raid 2 on the highest level beaten by your main team.Watch as your new heroes receive free leveling. They can even jump 20 levels depending on how far your main team has grinded. Why grind on new heroes when you can level for free
  16. I wanted to start this post just to clear some confusion on how to score higher. I think it's safe to say that there's a big difference in strategy when your running for SCORE VS DISTANCE. Personally I've found that score increases dramatically based on some initial steps: Main character at 50+ Weapon at 50+ Rank at 50+ So these steps should take priority, but leveling alone does not guarantee a high score as many of you have probably found. Here are a few basics I've leaned when going for high score: Play Warp Mode. (I know it's obvious but critical) Get 20% crit sushi Purchase all four elemental orbs before run Learn to reach at least the third mount Summon w/o dying Get a level 70+ friend for First Nina Summon Save ability for max enemy kills, preferably early in the run or at the mount summoning so there's time to Re-fill the meter Use orbs on your highest level character to Re-fill his ability meter (Preferably on Shock since he gets double points for killing enemies w ability) Learn which parts of the run yield the highest kills ( example: Shuriken waves) These are just basics so if anyone wants to post more detailed strategy please feel free.
  17. *Originally posted by Mykenyke 1.A 1 star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.30, a 2-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.40, a 3-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.50, a 4-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.60, a 4+1-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.70, a 4+2-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.80, a 5-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.100, a 5+1-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.110, a 5+2-star weapon’s full Lv. is Lv.120.2.A full Lv. 3-star weapon (Lv.50) + a random Lv. 3-star weapon can be compounded into a. 4-star weapon (Lv. 50).(The new weapon’s Lv. would be the same Lv. of the higher Lv. weapon)3.A full Lv. 4-star weapon (Lv.60)+ a random Lv. 4-star weapon can be compounded into a 4+1-star weapon.(Lv.60)4.A full Lv. 4+1-star weapon (Lv.70)+ 2 random Lv. 4-star weapons can be compounded into a 4+2-star weapon.(Lv.70)5.A full Lv. 4+2-star weapon (Lv.80) +3 random Lv. 4-star weapons can be compounded into a 5-star weapon. (Lv.80)6.A full 5-star weapon (Lv.100) + 1 random Lv. 5-star weapon can be compounded into a 5+1-star weapon. (Lv.100)7.A full 5+1-star weapon(Lv.110) +2 random 5-star weapons can be compounded into a 5+2-star weapon. (Lv.110)8. When a weapon is upgraded into Lv.60, it is difficult to upgrade with normal hammer. It is more efficient to upgrade with hammers with same attributes after Lv.60. After Lv.80, hammer doesn’t help much.
  18. *Originally posted by SimplyEC In order to help new players understand the Speedy Ninja currency system, I have put together this brief overview. (Please let me know in the comments if any information requires editing) There are 3 main currencies used in Speedy Ninja: 1) Jade, 2) Silver, and 3) Fish. The only in game currency you can purchase with real life dollars is Jade. The larger the jade package you purchase, the larger the discount is in terms of $ per jade. Jade in turn can then be used in game to purchase different size packages of Silver or Fish. (Larger package size will provide reduced jade cost per silver/fish). Jade Uses Purchase Epic Chest Keys Unlock certain characters / mounts Purchase extra energy (to keep playing / feed mounts) Convert Jade into Silver or Fish Earn Jade by: 1) Completing daily/other quests, 2) Consecutive days log in bonus, 3) Mount feeding rewards, 4) Random lottery/lucky egg prize, 5) Purchase with $ Silver Uses Purchase Silver Chest Keys Upgrade Weapons / Characters levels Purchase Lucky Egg / One time use power ups Unlock certain characters Earn Silver by: 1) Collecting coins during your runs, 2) Mount feeding rewards, 3) Convert Jade into Silver Fish Uses Play fish lottery to win random items Purchase displayed lottery items at a fixed fish cost Unlock Fang (mount) Earn Fish by: 1) Completing certain quests, 2) Completing daily dojo missions, 3) Consecutive days log in bonus, 4) Convert Jade into Fish I hope this brief overview helps new or confused players regarding the Speedy Ninja currency system! If I can, I will add more details regarding how much Jade / Silver / Fish can be earned per week without purchasing jade with actual $.
  19. *Originally posted by shingoku Some tips on going either front, back or center depending on the enemy's team composition
  20. *Originally posted by shingoku This is just a video of a knight explaining how to basically get the best results in arena.Link -
  21. *Originally posted by Devastation Hello! I'm Devastation and welcome to my guide named Devastation's Revelations. I'll be taking this guide one screen at a time (along with Peacock City and Greenstone), detailing all the things you can do in the process. I'll also post some advanced guides that go into more tips and tricks on how to best play the game! If you have any opinions or additions, comment below! I hope you enjoy it! As you can see, this is where all the action starts! If you want to do anything, it's going to have to come through this screen. I'll take all the buttons going clockwise from the plus sign: 1. Plus sign: Pressing this button shows a couple additional buttons where you can access settings and the server time and player rankings 2. Shop: Brings you to the Shop, where you can spend ingots and coins on anything from gem and scroll packs to Pet gear bags and treasure maps. 3. Bag: A lot goes on through this one. Brings you to your bag and equipment. In this menu, you can forge, refine, bless, and add gems to your gear. You can also see, fuse, or sell the items you have. 4. Clan (Lv. 30 and above): Brings you to your clan menu if you are in one. From there, you can do clan quests, take care of your guardian and see the overall ranking of your clan. Naturally, everything clan related happens here. 5. Quest and Team tabs: Shows the status of quests and the team you are in. The Team button allows you to see who is in your team and their BP. If you're not in a team, it brings you to a screen where you can either join or create a team. Pressing the quest button shows you all the quests you can do with their requirements and rewards. 6. Chat Box: As the name implies, you can talk to other people on the same server. Here you can look for friends, recruit for and join clans, and join or advertise team dungeons, among other things. Click on a character's name when they are chatting to see their profile or send a friend request. 7. Game Packs: Here is all the specials you can get by paying money. Month cards, generally are sold here. I personally do not know if things like the Forge, Pet, and Coin packs that are currently there are given out every day like the starter and month card packs. If someone knows this definitively, please feel free to interject. 8. Notification Bell: This button pops up when you can redeem something (or if someone wants you to water their tree). Just click on the notification once the list pops up and it will immediately transport you to wherever you need to go to fulfill the notification. 9. Pet Menu: Signified by the picture of your active pet, you can click on it to show a menu of most things relating to your pets. You can feed and upgrade your pets, use soul shard with summon, collect and trade in Pet Souls for pets, and dissolve pets you don't use anymore for some items (depending on the pet class) 10. Character Menu: Signified by the picture of your character, this menu shows your stats and rankings. Here you can also manage, upgrade, and move around skills, and upgrade your Zodiac and wings. It also shows your raw stats and the bonuses they give to your character. 11. Event: The Event menu shows the events that are happening right now. Click on the button to transport yourself to the different events. 12. Nav. This is probably the busiest of the tabs. It pretty much tells you everything that you can do outside of events and PvP and how many times you can do it. It is split up into casual and adventure. The casual ones don't involve any fighting whereas the adventure ones do. If you don't know how to find something, it's probably somewhere on this Nav page. I will have a lot more to say about this in future guides. 13. PvP: This button lets you navigate to the PvP things such as Duels, Arena, King of the Hill, and Clan War. 14. Reward: In this screen, you get all kinds of, well, rewards. Daily log in awards, activity rewards, and some special ingot events, along with redeeming Feast stamina, level up rewards and various achievement awards that you get throughout the game. You can also track your progress on these achievements in this menu. 15. Social: This menu shows your friends. Here you can add friends, look for more friends, and check the history of what you and your friends have been doing. As far as I can see, that's everything on this menu! I hope you enjoy and keep your ear to the ground for more in-depth revelations from Devastation. Please feel free to comment and give me suggestions on which guides I should start working on! Thank you
  22. *Originally posted by -AngelBaby- Hi guys, I'm new to this game, and I enjoy playing this game. So today, I will make a guideline that will help many newbie getting into know this game better. This is my first time doing a guideline, so if I mistake or anything, please don't get mad at me, OKAY. Thank you!!! Notes: English is my second language, and I just learn it around 4 yrs ago. Warning bad grammar!!! I'm sorry first, so don't try to correct me or else Introduction: Stats: Attack: increase damage Magic: increase magic damage Armor: deduct total damage from enemy. Magic Res: deduct total damage from Mage. Hit: deduct dodge from enemy. Dodge: dodge enemy attack. Crit: bonus damage. Fatal: increase crit damage. Movement: move faster Penetration: Deduct armor. Attack Immune: total % damage deduct from enemy’s attack. [ Attack Immune: 44% => deduct 44 damage from 100 damage cause by enemy ] Magic Immune: total % magic damage deduct from enemy’s attack. [ Magic Immune: 44% => deduct 44 magic damage from 100 magic damage cause by enemy ] Gem: Knight: [Main] Attack gem, hp gem, armor gem. [Whatever] crit gem, penetration gem, hit gem, fatal gem, movement gem. Duelist: [Main] Attack gem, Magic gem, hit gem, crit gem. [Whatever] Armor gem, hp gem, attack power rate gem, fatal gem. Archer: [Main] Attack gem, penetration gem, crit gem [Whatever] Fatal gen, hp gem, dodge gem. Mage: [Main] Magic gem, penetration gem, crit gem. [Whatever] Dodge gem, Hit gem, Armor gem, Hp gem, Fatal gem. Beginning: Dragon Stone: -Use to forge any gear lv 40 and under. Where to find: Dungeon Novice Insight Stone (purple stone) [importance try to find many as possible] -Use to forge any gear under lv50. Where to find: Dungeon, quest, adventure Gear Recipe: Gear Recipe lv 30, Gear Recipe lv 40, Gear Recipe lv 50 -Use to forge gear lv 30, 40, 50… Where to find: Dungeon, quest. Blessing Stone: [super important] -Use to bless Hero gear Where to find: Arena shop, Pet shop, Quest Magic stone (blue crystal stone): -Use to FEED the XP to your wings. Where to find: Dungeon, quest, adventure Arena points [importance don’t waste]: -Use to buy Blessing stone in Arena Shop. Where to find: Arena, reward every week Empire Points: -Use to upgrade Zodiac. Where to find: King of the Hill pvp Hero point: -Use to buy Pet soul in Arena Shop. Where to find: Arena reward every week Fishcuits: [Important! Save up and buy vip pet or buy blessing stone if already have vip pet] -Buy a lot of stuff from pet shop Pet soul, Blessing stone, purple stone, Gem pack Where to find: Dungeon, Daily bonus Exotic Elixir: -Material for promoting Pets. Where to find: Dissolve normal pet, adventure Moon stone: -Material for promoting Pets: Where to find: Dungeon, adventure Adamant: -Exchange Pet soul, Gear piece in pet shop Where to find: open gear bag, world boss Pet Gear Piece: -Fuse together and get 1 Pet gear Where to find: world boss, pet shop Silk: -Use to buy costume. Where to find: Treasure map Soul Talisman: -Use to college pet soul. Where to find: forgot Flawless Soul: -Use to exchange pet soul in the Pet shop. Where to find: forgot Soul Shard: -Use for normal summon. Where to find: quest, dungeon Treat [bone]: -Feed pet. Where to find: dungeon, adventure, quest. Aventure Treasure Forest Book research Clan mission [Must do it everyday cause it give a lot exp] Hero's journey [Must do it everyday cause it give a lot exp] Soul Binder Auriga Abyss Open at lv 25 or something, then change at lv 48] Production Tree of life Pirate Ship Adventure Inn Treasure Hunt [Can buy map from Item shop] World Boss Darkland Okay, that's basic knowledge about game. I know there is still a lot thing that I haven't mention yet, so I'm gonna continues later. Notes: Everyone have different opinion about game. Never expect me think like you and never ever get mad or piss at me. Question? Ask me here. I will answer as soon as possible. To Be Continues...
  23. *Originally posted by NewmanNE Find the article here:
  24. *Originally Posted by Auctioneer Hi Everyone,We've got a new feature that will add some cool effects and skills to your heroes. The hope is that this spices up gameplay a bit, especially at the higher levels.Artifact Rules:1. The Artifact System is accessible once a player obtains at least one "Minas Amber".2. Minas Ambers can be found in Guild Commons Manor, PVP Honor Exchange and various monthly events, including the July event, “Way of Maha” (coming soon).3. Each Artifact grants the equipped Hero a new skill. The power of the skill is strongly influenced by the stats of the Hero.4. Players can restore Artifacts in two ways: Minas Ambers or Diamonds.5. Players can upgrade Artifacts in two ways: Minas Ambers & Diamonds or just with Diamonds.6. Each upgraded Artifact ascends to an advanced version with an altered and more powerful skill.7. Restoring/upgrading Artifacts with Diamonds can only be done once per day.8. The more Artifacts you’ve restored, the more basic stats bonuses are unlocked. The more Artifacts are upgraded, the more advanced stats bonuses are unlocked.9. Both basic and advanced stats bonuses change on the Hero who equips the Artifact. Among all stats bonuses, Health, Attack/Spell/Mixed Power bonuses are dependent on the Hero's level.10. Players can enhance an advanced stat bonuses with Diamonds. The increase is random.11. Mixed Power converts into Attack Power or Spell Power or both, depending on the Hero.
  25. *Originally posted by timdinh Don't use auto-pilot If you play the games yourself you almost always win guaranteed and much faster. This with the exception of "windy cave" and "escape the dragon" missions in Wanted. Get as much runes as possible When you reroll in Rune wards and get a reward rune you already have you receive 5 shards. When you do this you can get 25 runes a day easily. Runes are very strong in this game. Runes They are very very good, find the best combination for your team and you will steamroll every arena game with easy. Invocation Invocation gives you small amounts of hero shards, and it's best to use them to level hero masteries. Use the Hero shards in the tavern to reach 5 stars as fast as possible and keep doing invocation on the 5 star champs only.