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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Divine set is good but the gears itself suck. Should swap the divine set with legendary or better grade gears
  2. For me I would personally prioritize on these: Durance of Truth - pally ultimatum Judgement - Your bread and butter skill for tanking (or heal) Glory of Paladin - Must have buff for a tank pally; self regen when attacked and increase HP Torah Sword - use divine guidance after torah sword will give you % damage reduction (also remove shield effect and slow down target) Divine Guidance - team healing, damage, damage reduction Reigning Sword - sweet damage plus silence and slow My tanking skill rotation: Shield of Sanctity - Judgement - Glory of Paladin - Durance of Truth - Torah Sword - Divine Guidance (or Shield of Order) - Reigning Sword *Swap DG with SoO for damage if there’s another tank doing the tanking job. This is just my personal build for templar that best suit me. Other pally might have a different skill set or build for them. Play around and test the skills and see what’s best for you Hope this helps a little bit.