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  1. Вознесенные камни все еще не доступны (((
  2. Сделайте двойное событие, Рюрик и Кагемаса, игроки выполнившие все требования сами выбрали кто им нужен, или взять обоих за большую сумму кристаллов
  3. If you did not play in the pvp and merged the rank, you are knocked down with one or two skills
  4. My friend, i notice a difference in the received and dealt damage on the first day of the game...
  5. Reduce the buff bonus with increasing rank, i does not matter against rurik or omaeus , if they have low rank
  6. The main problem is a system of ranks, try to win with the rank of private teams of majors..... They will destroy you with one or two blows, and you will not be able to scratch it...
  7. You need to add a Bane in June, so it was fair to the players