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  1. Look up Knives Out! facebook, they’ve been very responsive with customer service and accounts lately. Check out their facebook and talk to them on messanger, they will lead you in the right direction hopefully
  2. I agree, i downloaded an android emulator to try to play and that wont work either, please make a Mac port!!!!
  3. Playstation and Rockstar did the same to me when my account got deleted, they sent me to a ‘community’ ‘self-help’ fourum, they probably dont have enough employees to troubleshoot? Total BS, we should spam their folders, i’ll link this fourum to their facebook, they’re PR rep seems to respond on that. Maybe we’ll get an answer??!! But like i said earlier, Netease in China is the one who made this game, American Netease doesnt even mention this game on their website. Something really strange about that, i cant read their other site since its covered in text i dont feel like decoding through google translate. What i could gather: we created new accounts (or atleast, i did) our old accounts still exist since we cannot choose out old name. We need a means of logging back in, only issue is that we created user names without passwords! Knives Out! Relies on the IOS Game App to sign in, there is some sort of error that is created when two knives out accounts are made. What we need: -this man’s money back, with interest! Or some cool outfit package! -Switch accounts/account recovery
  4. Yeah, i did more of this translating with more images: i was wrong, basically, dont **** with the menus where there servers are found. I created a new character, sadly, i have a twitch stream to continue, im actually sad i lost some foregin team mates! I was only a level 12, i was considering spending on an outfit but not now, not until i can gurantee i can get my money back or if this forum is supported by Asia Netease, not SF Netease. American Netease has no indication that Knives Out! Even exists on their website. Very esoteric? Lol either way, i hope you get your money back, you should email them directly or spam them, thats totally unfair!
  5. i found an answer, i took screen shots of the menus and used a translator. i will roughly describe the symbols next to the text: -the option with the RECYCLE symbol, is the "switching account" option, if you have your ID you will be able to recover your account. I was lucky enough to stream this and save my ID from the in-game account menu while looking through past videos. -The option with ONE MAN: "open new game" -The (?) option: "help" -The option with TWO OVERLAPPING MEN: "tied to given account number", not sure what that means. -The TICKET option: "hair line bow following fan code", it must be some promotion.
  6. Screen name: Cosmicc I've had this account for a few weeks now playing every single day. i signed in and my account was gone, i restarted my phone, i signed into facebook/game center, still cant access my account. please help, i dont know how to read the help screen, i think i'm not signed in but am not sure.
  7. NetEase, The same thing happened to me! i dont understand how to get my account back, I had worked very hard on my screen name: Cosmicc. i know the account still exists because it wont allow me to create a new user with the same name