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  1. I know there are others who received the ban as well and are furious over it. Same thing as many others where they are using products that have zero capability to use a third party program.
  2. Best comment in this discussion. Game, set, match.
  3. No, my comment was not directed at you, or I would have quoted you. It was more of a general statement to everyone thus, I did not select any single person to reply to. I totally understand how frustrating it is to play a class thats not suited for groups in PvE and weak also in PvP. I started as a Mystic when the game was new, most people needed healers and I hated to always be asked to heal so I quit Mystic and made an Executioner. I got him to full legendary and slowly began to always be left out on raids that were less than 20. When the Paladin was released, I selected Paladin of Daylight path....BIG MISTAKE! Swapped to Templar, full legendary, but now you can throw a stick in any direction and hit a Templar. In my guild, I was so far down the Templar list I was once again being left off of raids. So, yea, I know it sucks to restart, but in every instance I managed full legendary on my toons crafting armor, doing raids when I could and they are very decent builds. Whoever gets my acct when I quit will be quite pleased with what they will get. My point is this....its not that hard to build a toon and get it geared. Its just that everyone wants it right NOW. The amount of months and weeks this has been discussed, these players could have already had a new toon ready to raid higher content. Its going to get harder as more expansions are released because with shared loot tables in raid zones, most higher guilds wont want to revisit the lower ones. Thats already happening with Core Rock right now.
  4. The unbalancing of classes was recognized a very long time ago, even before tha release of the Paladin in October 2017. Once that happened, the gap got bigger and months since its release, the Paladin is still very much overpowered. What I fail to accept is those who have continued to pour time and money into a class you dont like and months after the unbalanced was recognized. To say that you were waiting for Netease to fix that is absurd, they have fumbled EVERYTHING, the gem debacle, players getting mega gift boxes who were not supposed to, skill bug, follow bug, speed hackers, you name it, its probably still there. The opportunity to change classes while it was still early was there, so I dont have any sympathy for those who didnt. NO ONE was at 70-80k cr in November/December when it was evident nothing was changing. In fact, the even added another class instead. Your threats to quit game are of no consequence, you can visit any MMO/RPG game discussion thread and see all the same empty threats as you do here. Its just very common to threaten a game developer that you are leaving when you dont get your way.
  5. But if you get to class swap, you will still play a bugged game? You know how stupid that sounds, right?
  6. Yes, thats one of his spawn points. After you cross the bridge, go all the way across to the other side but not past the wind elementals, thats just the best general place to leave your toon on auto attack.
  7. One method to get the moth without frustration is to just go where the wind elememtals are, put on auto attack, go to bed. If the moth spawns there, you will get him.
  8. Ive been gaming a long time and probably have played more mmo/rpg games than most of the players here. In every one of them, using an exploit (glitch or bug that was discovered and not a hack or 3rd party ware) is indeed a violation. Knowingly achieving any rewards in any encounter other than the way its intended to be is cheating. Ive seen items removed, gold reduced, suspensions (not bans, there is a difference) and other minors forms of enforcement. Dont kid yourself that its ok to use the exploit because you didnt put it there.
  9. I dont know how something can work, it gets jacked up, and they cant seem to unravel what change they did that got it jacked up. Apparently, it means little to them of the frustration we go through as players trying to play a bug filled game.
  10. On my server plant products sell quicker. I have two accounts and one does plants and one does mining. It seems that there are more areas with plant nodes closer together than mining nodes. Also, plant nodes seem to be more crowded with other players than mining. As far as products made and sold per just my experience, True Iron nails from mining and Flax cloth from plants sell the best. If I list my flax cloth in the morning, top coin hits about mid 200s each. If I list it late at night, top coin about mid 300s each. That just means there are less players at night farming Flax and posting it in auction house and all the cheaper ones have been purchased so all thats left is the higher priced items. You can do the same with nails, but the prices are slightly lower than Flax cloth thus I make more money with plants and listing in auction house at night with a higher price.
  11. And this is exactly why there is an imbalance of power among classes. If a raid has a choice between a FG, Tamer or Scout, who gets left out? The Scout does because he does not bring any tangible benefit better than a Tamer or FG. Many raids are using 10-12 players and avoid 20 player and higher (not all the time, but a lot) except in maybe a Sky HC where the entire raid is so geared, its like a hot knife thru butter and they all pocket some gold on item sales within raid. Most of the Core raids and higher that Ive done is usually 1 tank, 1paly, 1-2 healers at most, a tamer or fg and the rest all dps, mostly mystics/elementalists. Toss in an odd class here and there sometimes depending whos online and available. Verity Spirit? Nope. Scouts? Nope. Executioners? Turtle only. Paladin of Daylight? Nope. They all get the shaft and end up going to Sky for the millionth time.
  12. Man, people change guilds like they change underwear in this game. You aint hiding from nobody.
  13. On the few occasions where I have inspected people, Ive never paid any attention to whomforged the item and never cared. But, when someone wants to hide all evidence of a previous name, thats always fishy to me. Just saying.
  14. And so my hunch is spot on! I remember him in faction chat when it went live and he and Thanktank were two of the biggest reasons people flooded the forums asking for a fix to remove that feature. Personally, I wouldnt invite him to my group even he could clear new content all by himself.
  15. I know many people have already raised the issue of the skills bug, but just recently Ive experienced some others and Ive submitted photos as proof. Latley, my characters that are on auto attack, arent attacking. They are standing there frozen or dont even equip weapon at all, meanwhile the text “Attacking” is on the screen below my toon. Their health is dropping because they are taking damage, but no damage output is being done. Another bug in game is when on auto-follow. The group leader is riding to the next objective in trial quests, yet the other four members arent following, yet again, the text underneath my toon says “Following”. In addition to that, we started an encounter with a violette elf elite and not everyone was placed into the encounter, two were left out! Today our group was in faction and when we completed that we zoned back out to non pvp and we all died zoning in. Not as big of an issue, but it still adds tomthe cost total on repairs. Whats with the damn Rift of Demons? You clear a wave of demons and then the encounter gets stuck, no more demons come out of ghe rift as the text says and the timer expires and the encounter ends. If thats not bad enough, sometimes the mobs get stuck underneath the encounter and you cannot target them. @Ocho and @TinyDragon whats going on with all these bugs? Can you at least address the issues to the player base and let us know when we can expect a playable non frustrating game?
  16. The only thing I noticed in the auction house is the weird ability to sell at a lower price. For example, lets say there are 5 lvl 30 bps for Mystic weapon ranging from 4,700 gold to 5,200 gold and you put yours in and lower it to the lowest possible price and you can only get it down to about 2,500. Then lets say there ZERO lvl 30 bps for Mystic weapon and you place yours in to sell at its lowest price and all of a sudden, you can make it as low as 915 gold. Although Im using hypothetical numbers here, experiment with what I am talking about and if you can figure out thr weird mechanics of that, please let me know!
  17. A guildie asked me if I would mind trading a boost potion to his alt since he could not do it because it was on same account and I agreed. He gifted me his potion and logged into his alt and I gifted him mine. Soon after I did it, I realized I just got seriously screwed over on the deal because I was now stuck with an ungiftable level potion because they can only be gifted once and then they are bound. I contacted Netease support and pleaded with them that I was totally unaware that it became bound after gifting and said in the description that it was tradeable, those were their words, not mine, and they refused to compensate me. So to this very day I have a boost potion in my inventory that is unusable and Im out the cash that I spent to buy the crystals to get it. I dont call that great customer service, I call that bulls***t. So yea, boost potions cant be traded to an alt on the same account because you have to be online at same time to do it, and you cant gift it to someone online and then trade it back because it becomes bound once its gifted.
  18. Just stirring the pot to add flavor but, why would someone delete all their friends and change their name in game? Bad reputation on server? Maybe bought the account and is actually the new owner and doesnt want people to know? Just wondering.
  19. Video was submitted on Shemaecaps speedhacking and nothing was done. So many people have complained about ARiESWAR on this forum, nothing gets done. Players with vulgar names are reported in game, nothing gets done. Meanwhile, the rest of us log into a bug laden content and contend with speedhackers making the game unfair and read vulgar and offensive player names. But can you guess what does work, has always worked and never had bugs? THE GOBLIN MERCHANT!
  20. Is it just Laverlan Lake where Warriors are still used as Tanks?
  21. Of course there will be some disparity in damage output with those probably nearer to the top of the list then those closer to the bottom, but what I displayed proves that not all the Warriors and Rangers are quitting, and Palys are taking over tanking duties and Mystics are the only chosen DPS class. As a matter of fact, three guilds dominate the top of all the lists I provided, Phoenix, Imperium and Aftermath. All three are very active raiding guilds so I would suspect that everyone is getting a nice piece of the pie.
  22. Just like I said, 11 pages of essences and I havent been able to sell mine for about 2 weeks now. Its not that they DONT sell, they dont sell fast enough I guess. The listed item stays on the broker for 24 hours then it expires. Each time you list an essenece, it goes to the back.
  23. People quit playing games all the time and a current check of the classes on Laverlan Lake show Warriors ranked 1 thru 30 are all ABOVE 70K rating (4 above 80) Rangers ranked 1 thru 42 are all above 70K rating (1 above 90, 4 above 80) Paladins ranked 1 thru 11 are all above 70K rating (only 1 above 80) Mystics ranked 1 thru 49 are all above 70K rating (6 above 80) Elementalists only 1 above 70K (8 above 60) but this is a new class So only 11 Paladins, not all are tanks, some are DPS, and 30 Warriors, some are Fangs, and the Rangers and Mystics are nearly equal says to me “You dont know what your talking about”. The Paladin has been out for nearly 7 months yet only total a third of amount of Warriors of those ranked 70K or higher. So this BIG CHANGE of everyone quitting their Warrior to be Templars is not the case on Laverlan Lake. There are almost exaclty the same number of Rangers as Mystics ranked 70K or higher on the server, so tell me again how all the Rangers are quitting. Explain this disparity of unbalance in classes when in fact, its nearly the opposite of what people claim on Laverlan Lake.
  24. Ive been trying to sell an essence for awhile now and havent been successful. Last night there were eleven pages of listed essences and its no wonder why I havent been able to sell mine. Not to mention, warrior and paladin sashes have been selling for less than the cost of a divine essence and Ive heard you can dismantle them without identifying them first and get an essence.
  25. I was pointing out the ripoff of cash for a stupid mount, and I wont buy the mount. But hey, thanks for reminding me that I dont have to buy it to play the game, fanboi.