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  1. I am now over SIXTY Lights of Dawns in a row with no legeldary equipment awarded and I am the not-so-proud owner of an epic title “Cursed”.
  2. I would choose the “Cursed” title to wear but why give the rest of the server the chance to say “Look at that idiot who bought 60 LoDs” hahaha.
  3. Yea, I saw that before and aware of the percentages. Seems unlikely that you could go over sixty without one, though. Its not like its a total loss, I got the crystals with it and used 30 leaves for a piece of exquisite. But man, thats a sad, sad epic title to have, lol
  4. I have no idea what hes talking about. Ive won two diamonds on the new lucky draw and not only did I break them down into shards, I purposely repurchased another diamond for the achievement of that type and then broke it down again and repurchased the one I wanted.
  5. I had a guildmate ask me to do a trade with him and I agreed. He traded me the potion and when he swapped toons, it wouldnt let me trade it back so I gave him one of mine. Now Im stuck holding a level potion that I cant trade to anyone and Ive already used one so It does me no good.
  6. I understand what the OP is trying to say, did someone really drop thousands of dollars on their character in the first week?
  7. Did you bother to read when I posted that and when the patch occurred orrrrrr........
  8. I hate to be complaining so much, but I am at wits end with the x-server chat spam. At first I figured since it was new people were just goofing off, but it has now become unbearable and is a nuisence and disrupts game play. I have even asked nicely in the channel to please refrain from the spamming and it only encouraged a barrage of more spam. One of the main antagomists is Thanktant on the Reavedge server. Not just a few times, but endlessly for hours and days he has filled the channel with “My name jeff”. After asking him to stop, he spammed it repeatedly over and over. Another antagonist is Jeffy****, which is obviously a toon cretaed just to join the “jeff” banter. It is hard to raid and do other in game content when chat is your only method of communication with other team players and all you see is jeff jeff jeff jeff jeff jeff - clear. For all that is holy, please remove this channel until a resolution to fix it can be achieved.
  9. As an old gamer myself, many of you here posting probably werent even born when we were raiding on EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot and Anarchy. And every game had a post on the forums complaining about balance and the idle threats of leaving.
  10. Mount speed wasnt just used for a fleeing opponent, it could be used to chase down a fleeing opponent, it was awesome for the daily quests that had to be completed in enemy territory. It was great to have if you lost a battle, revived, and had to run back. Its absolutley absurd to say it has a purpose to do dailies, those will run automatically and you can only run as fast as the group leader. Besides, who does their trial quest and sits there watching that same repetitive run 20 times? If a player pays real money for a mount speed boost, then it should be more than having to lead your group in an automatic run PvE environment to get its benefit. I know I wont buy it again, I have zero need to rush to my daily automatic run quests.
  11. I purchased Elite Goblin for the mount speed boost in PvP where you actually have to run everywhere manually. Now it is gone and what's the purpose of the speed boost in PvE? Where is it in PvE that I would need to run to so fast? 99% of the content you can get to by clicking on the event or a map location and it runs there AUTOMATICALLY in seconds! There is NOTHING in PvE that would necessitate a mount speed boost, its benefit was in PvP. Will the devs consider restoring it back to use in PvP where mount speed boost has a purpose, or will they leave it to PvE only where it has absolutley zero use or purpose?
  12. Thats a lie, you can only bid up to how much gold you possess. If youre only holding 5k, thats all you can bid up to. And since day one, I have NEVER seen anyone bid over 5 to 6k for a frost heart.
  13. UPDATE: I finally got accepted into a clan and its dead as a doornail. It has 25 members and 16 of them have not logged in for over a month with some who havent logged in since before 2018. I am convinced this server is deqd with hardly any live players. Gonna send Netease and ask for a refund or at the minimum, a server transfer to one that has a population.
  14. I play Crusaders of Light and think its awesome and when I saw Tome of the Sun was a Netease game, I quickly downloaded it and thought it was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace. The problem is groups.....where are all the people at? I tried to duel and waited over 30 minutes on more than one occasion and nothing. Sometimes the world chat is stagnant and no one is chatting at all for long periods of time. There is no chat whatsoever in any of the other tabs either! I have yet to see nary a single word in ANY other tab besides World. Clans? Another dead feature. It has a list of 100 and almost every one of them responds with “Too many applications” or you have to meet a certain requirement such as level or power. OK, made the levels and power and clicked on them and NO RESPONSES! There are features the game that I cannot explore unless Im in a group (another futile long wait), and its been four days now! I play on the NA Dragoon server and have to say this is absolutley ridiculous. I thougt this was a fun game and quickly got addicted and paid the 4.99 month club and the 4.99 starter pack and for what? Seriously, where is the population?
  15. It doesnt matter if they are AFK or doing it live. 1. Mystic AFK blasts crocodile with Dreadfall crocodile dies. 2. Mystic live at keyboard and taps button for Dreadfall crocodile dies. Now explain to me how either way is unfair because your a melee class. Its the same result either way or cant you understand that? As a matter of fact, if Im playing live, I will guarantee you I can kill more than when AFK.
  16. Since I have hit level 50 on two toons, neither character gets level 30 blueprints anymore. I have 2 crafted legendaries and want to craft more but now the only way to get them (if any are even in the auction house) they are now thousands of gold! I’m not in some big guild that gets gold from the sale of items dropped in large raids but paying 1,800 gold for ONE blueprint is stifling. I still get level 30 gear drops in normal raids for dismantling but why are we no longer getting blueprints?
  17. Should have named thread “Give me better free stuff”
  18. I witnessed a speed hacker myself and promptly reported them so YES they do exist. I was mining and they came up to the node I was at and when the node spawned (true iron large) their toon looked like it was shaking and the entire node was gone in about 2 seconds with no mining animation at all. I tried to follow them to the next node but they were so incredibly fast I couldn’t keep up. I went back to the original node and they came back and did it again. A large true iron ore disappears with no animation and their toon had this weird look to it, like it was shaking. The toons name was BeTerhanck and I reported it and was told it would be looked into. After witnessing this I am convinced speed hacking exists, especially mining a large node in 1-2 seconds with no animation whatsoever.
  19. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist. For iPhone 8 (and probably other iPhones), go to Settings>Cellular; scroll all the way to the bottom and toggle Wi-Fi Assist OFF. This should make it stop disconnecting immediately.
  20. Although I will agree Gylfi is insanely hard, I have to admit a lot of what I’m reading is just crying that it’s not an instant win. ANYONE can level a toon in this game to level 46 in just a few days. Heck, you can level 16 to 35 in less than an hour using trial quests. Geeze, an earlier reply the poster claims he could one shot guild goblins and now he can’t.....oh, boo hoo hoo. So many times I respond to groups looking for more in Skyblaze and I inspect players when I get in the group and what do I see? Players with scores under 30K, gear that’s far below the toon level, sometimes they don’t even have an item in a jewelry slot! But it’s all about I want to hurry and get the best I can without investing any time. Some players think every encounter is a tank and spank and don’t even know the mechanics to an encounter If your new to MMOs, grow some patience or quit now, they are designed to be time sinks. Every MMO is the same, someone complaining it’s too hard and threatening to leave if it’s not changed. Guess what, they don’t care, the number of subscriptions and active players won’t be missed by minus one. Getting back to Gylfi, nope, I haven’t beat him yet and I have tried many times, spent a lot of silver on repairs and I will just revisit the encounter when I am better prepared with the right set up. I’m not quitting and running to another game because I can’t beat it right now and missing out on instant gratification.