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  1. The boss challenge not fixed yet, smth wrong with join server. For now only one solution is logout from menu, close app and clean the cache memory. So you need to relogin for correct connect stat info.
  2. Just tested 3 times with different heroes, it was reported and fixed... what server you play? Still present the Oya bug in duel battle.
  3. We found one solution for boss and pvp challenge,if you have problem plz try logout from hero menu. Clean cache from app or restart the mobile phone. But i hope pvp fixed allready, yesterday havnt any issues. And now game running more faster. Keep testing.. boss chaleenge soon.
  4. Hi, Im back here again, when trouble is hot. In the last 2 days, we found terrible bugs: 1. Sometimes we cant enter to pvp arena: Today i tried to enter Normal Match. 2. We cant start Boss challenge. I think it comes, when we trying raid with full party (3 guild members). 3. And still cant end the duel battle against Oya, after kill this hero, time is freezes. Only one solution is surrender the round. Plz, have an attention and fix it as fast as it possible, so many players are left allready and keep out...
  5. Ok, thx for event changes... Now lets back to gameplay with new hero Oya and what need to be fix. Buglist: 1. Arena cant start, if your opponent is Oya. 2. Rune war too cant start. 3. Bloody battle, time is freeze and after defeat Oya no end. The Oya size not correct aswell and hero icons too. Keep testing...
  6. OMG, with new hero comes new bugs in bloody battle.You cant finished round, if your opponent Oya. The size of new hero is too small in bb. The icons too bugged and many more. So now players become testers and most of them allready leave the game. Why not run beta test server before announcement new hero. But new hero is too expensive, smth about 160 000 diamonds oO.. As I remember Rurik cost was 16 000. Pls check it, mb was mistake with new hero cost. Thx for attention and hope for you understanding !!!
  7. Welcome RedPanda and wish you every success for this work.