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  1. i think redpanda himself dunno maybe he just copy paste wat devs said. LOL
  2. That guy playing in mobile but in fb gameroom we cant do like that..
  3. Hi From the last update we have one more life skill as fishing so why not increase stamina to 300.? Please consider this suggestion and update. Thank you
  4. From what i seen its most likely like ranger paths. DPS, Team Buff and PVP
  5. if you didn't bind with facebook then ur progress lost forever.
  6. Rez if you didn't bind your account i'm sorry to say u lost your progress mate. There's nothing netease can do now they said it multiple times. Maybe they can help retrieve let's hope.
  7. Wait till the update hits server. may fix most of the problems.
  8. its cool idea for vampers like us.
  9. Maybe ranger scout nobody play if this class has good dps with life leech.
  10. Have u tried deleting the folder under this location and reinstall ? C:\Users\Public\Facebook Games\'Radom numbers folder'
  11. yeah i hope new players catch up once the server reach level 55, Meanwhile, i just do all dailies, craft gems, level up character and path with talent exp only. But with this update new players kicked back to another month of progress that's really sad.