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  1. My rotation for pyromancer. Fiery wing, Elemental matrix, Dragon breath, Descending Inferno, Fiery Magma and ice bolt.
  2. Could you release patch notes meanwhile?
  3. They should change the reCAPTCHA to some random questions. Like 2+2=4 or something similar to that bots are not smart enough to crack it. I'm surprised the mod of these forums dunno it. lmao GG webmaster
  4. who cares, give my legendary pls
  5. that's an excellent write up. ty for sharing
  6. #NoClassSwap
  7. Well character level boost different from fully geared class. it takes months to gear up for endgame.
  8. #NoClassSwap You want a fully geared new class overnight. **** no. you have to work for it.
  9. i think redpanda himself dunno maybe he just copy paste wat devs said. LOL
  10. That guy playing in mobile but in fb gameroom we cant do like that..