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  1. Go play fang and you will know what's the real challenge 👍
  2. Esrun nice psp gta code haha
  3. Ty @RedPandatime to beat up out top pally on srvr now its about time
  4. i agree, im 65k gs fang that can kill 72k gs players getting beat up with 55k gs pally wth man? also im 30k dps fang not that much
  5. Fyi mystic magellana have reduce healing(affliction) the mystic galaxy have affliction and dreadblast(if your verity)
  6. You can add a skill on 10 skill bar a auto attack maybe you just dont have auto attack skill on 10 skill bar it will not auto attack after you used skill you have to click the auto attack manually
  7. there is a set effect that can remove the CC effect on yourself this set effect is from “SKY HEROIC 3rd Boss” which can remove fears etc by shouting the “got it” above the chat box you can remove it the CD is 2 mins i forgot the 3/3 but thats 2/3 and forgot the name too 😂
  8. uhm a while ago today just experienced that the guild hunt bosses like maas seems to be bugged.... cannot be targeted and it seems like a ghost or something you can just see the aurora of the boss and when you look at it closely you will see the particles are moving and looks like the guild hunt bosses i have a screenshots of this and a video if you wanted me to email you guys about this just reply if not or this is already been fixed please ignore this post ty. ignore this post when its already been fixed or this dosen't happened on your server then please ignore this post
  9. Um played a while now actually since soft launched and played at a mystic character now i transfered to another server with a new class of warrior. now here's the thing everytime i duel someone, then i used my full rotation everytime i used my blood thirst skill(executioner path) then meteor crater i've noticed that it dosent dealt any damage, i tell you as a executioner my dps is 10.5k and i 1 shot people, this always happen like 4/10 so it is really impossible that my damage is low then later on, I retest this and duel again then when i tried it actually dealt damage, then i tried another one and now it dosent dealt any damage so it is impossible that this is not a bug, i've tested this like 2 weeks now and im pretty sure this is a bug
  10. Apparently those firstblood deathblow etc titles are only first come first serve i think, you cant get it no more because this title is "firstblood on server" which means you killed these etc first on server, so you cannot get it, because someone got already firstblood, but do not worry when netease release new boss you can have a chance to get that title if your squad or team got it first
  11. @Essantra sup how r u bro missed the hugely populated surgewind au server before players are migrating to different servers which leads to the server dying really like a domino effect 1 friend moves and you too soon someone will follow this leads to the server dying should have merge servers long time ago, because people who already move to another server they will be really upset when they "knew that the servers will be merging and they should'nt have left the server and wait for the server to merge" this will be the reaction of people who already moved and just wasted time playing and creating a character for nothing etc... you get the idea
  12. omygawd its a freaking gamble expect the unexpected you dont always win its a freaking gamble it is by % of chance not skills i have a question for you, when you gamble or bet something do you always win? No?,right maybe its by chance you dont always win or you dont always lose its by chance bro so put your head up not on the foot