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  1. Hey before this christmas update when i won a game or got a decent ammount of kills i was awarded with silver and exp , ever since this update ive gotten 10 wins or so and i average 5-10 kills a game, and i havent gotten a single silver coin from playing the game, the only way i earn exp and silver and diamonds now is to to the daily challenges and the log-in bonus and its really frusterating i should have 30,000 silver by now!! Please fix this ASAP considering some of my friends also said they havent been earning any either. It would be nice if you gave everyone 30k silver when you fix it for the inconvienance because this is rediculous i was earning 10,000 silver a day before this update, ive earned 0 silver from playing the game the only silver and exp and diamonds i have earned has been from daily challenges and log-in bonus, PLEASE FIX THIS! My username in-game is : notdust